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Jul 20, 2006 03:46 PM

The Finalists

My wife and I will soon be venturing to Montreal. After some researching, I've settled on the following restaurants. Is there any reason why we should NOT try any of the following?

La Ravanne
Au Messob D'or
Le Chevres
Place D'Armes (for cocktails)
Le Petit Moulinsart (for Belgian beer)
L'Actuel (for Belgian beer)

Any opinions are much appreciated!

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  1. Oops - we also intended to go to *L'Assommor* for cocktails and grilled fish!

    1. Not a reason to avoid it, but you should know that the menu at Les Chèvres has changed considerably in recent months. I notice you have other veggie-friendly spots on your list - if Les Chèvres is on your list for veggie food, you should know that it now serves more typical market-based bistro type fare, with only one veg option on the menu. For the money (acually, for less money), I prefer the impeccable Brunoise for that sort of market-based bistro/neighbourhood spot.

      Santropol is fine for lunchy-type stuff and interesting teas. Worth it to sit in the garden or if it is raining, to cosy up with a pot of tea inside, but the food isn't anything particularly special.

      If you are doing the tourist-thing in Old Montreal, make sure to stop at Olive & Gourmando for lunch (real Montrealers, including myself, an ex-montrealer, actually eat here, which is not the case for a lot of other spots in the area).

      1. Interesting list. Haven't been to most of them.
        If you like Belgian beers, you should definitely give Dieu du ciel a try. It's a brewpub on Laurier corner Clark and has some really good Belgian beers, including one of the top-rated beers in the world. Montreal in fact has a very good brewpub scene including Benelux on Sherbrooke (which also has some Belgian beers), and Le Cheval Blanc (with some Belgian-style beers as well).
        Check BeerAdvocate for details.

        1. I second Dieu du Ciel. Their beers are spectacular - paticularly the 1 year old bottle-conditioned Imperial Stout. I was there a few weekends ago; had a round of tasting shots to try all of their beers (I think they're around 3 oz and $1.50 each - a great deal and a lot of fun). Paired with their local cheese plate for ballast, it made for a fantastic, tasty afternoon.

          I wish they exported to NYC...

          1. What's really nice with Dieu du Ciel is also its location. You walk out and head west on Laurier and you'll come accross many nice restaurants, la Chronique, Raza, Anise, Alloro, Leméac to name a few. There's also le Cyclo on Parc just up Laurier for fine vietnamese fare.