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Jul 20, 2006 03:04 PM


Does anyone know of a decent, reasonably-priced fishmonger anywhere between 14th Street and Houston and 2nd Ave and Ave. D on the Lower East Side?

It seems inconceivable to me but I can't find one in this neck of the woods anymore--they've all gone out of business. Getting to Chinatown isn't always convenient and I refuse to pay the overinflated prices at places like Whole Foods and Citarella
($18.00 per pound for tuna steak!!)

Any recommendations greatly appreciated.

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  1. You might want to check out New Star Fish Market in the Essex Street Market. It's outside your geographic requirements, but there's a lot on offer in the market.

    You might also try the Japanese markets in the area: Sunrise Mart, M2M, Jas Mart. They will have a small selection that might do in a pinch.

    1. it's really annoying, isn't it? this is also a bit out of your range, but the chinese supermarket on clinton between rivington and delancey has a decent if not large selection of fresh fish and seafood. quality is acceptable and prices are low.

      1. Thanks for the recommendations. Clinton isn't too far from me and Essex Street Market sounds like it's worth exploring.

        While I'm at it, let me throw open the gates a bit wider and ask for recs above 14th St to 23rd as well. I am aware of the (paltry) seafood dept in the Associated (?) Market on First Ave. in the mid-20s but I'm hoping I can find better.

        Thanks, all.

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          Whenever possible your first stop should be the fishmongers at the Union Sq greenmarket. Doesn't come any fresher, though the prices can be high at least the quality matches.

          There's also the Gramercy Fish Co. on 2nd Ave at 22 St.

          Remember that you will be paying higher than supermarket (Associated) prices but the freshness and quality are higher too. It will benefit you to become a regular with your fishmonger.

          Finally, I hate to recommend them but Fresh Direct does sometimes have good fish. Look particularly for their local caught items.