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Aug 25, 2004 05:56 PM

Ice Cream

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Where can I find the best ice cream in the Bay Area?

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    Robert Lauriston

    We just hashed that out last month:


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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      One more for the list that I forgot before ...blueberry ice cream from the blueberry farm in Green Valley (Sonoma County). It's served at the Gravenstein Apple Fair, which was earlier this month, and sometimes at the farm but best to call ahead.


      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Melanie or anyone,

        Do you know if Green Valley was sold. Before I left last year the farm was up for sale which made me sad because I loved their blueberries and all their blueberry products.

        If it has, it sounds from your post that the quality hasn't suffered.

        1. re: Krys Stanley

          I didn't know the answer, but here's what I found on

          "The Green Valley Blueberry Farm is saved! For more than 60 years, Sonoma County families have made a summer’s pilgrimage to Forestville’s historic Green Valley Farm to pick a pail or two of blueberries and perhaps savor a slice of blueberry pie topped with blueberry ice cream. But septuagenarian farmer Bruce Goetz was more than ready to retire, and wanted to sell his farm. With one catch: it was very important to him to keep the farm in blueberry production. But the prime vine land real estate was “berry” expensive, too much for any prospective farmers, putting the future of Green Valley blueberries in peril. At the 11th hour, Bruce’s son, Dan, who owns a successful Santa Rosa wholesale air conditioning and heating company, stepped in to purchase the place and keep the blueberry tradition alive. "