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Helios - Park Slope

Need to give a nice thumbs up to Helios (sp?name?) the greek place on 6th and almost Flatbush?
Was very impressed with the food, service and dare I say authenticity? The salads offered as part of their meze selection were delicious - so fresh, served perfectly. The entrees - the veal pattie with kalamtata potatoes and basic salad with chicken souvlaki were perfect - the salad dressing so light and lemony - and the best part was their fresh, homemade lemonade - and a good selection of greek beers.
highly recommend.

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  1. I'm not a big fan of the place, although I went for brunch, so maybe that was my mistake. I don't like the atmosphere either -- it doesn't feel comfortable to me.

    1. I'm a fan of Helios too. Everything I've had there has been excellent, especially the hamburger and salads. Good coffee at night. I think it's really pleasant inside and on the patio.

      1. Helios can either be very good or very bad. When it's very bad it's usually because they use way too much salt to the point of being caustic.

        1. I have to concur with those that have had mixed experiences there. They have a decent brunch, but nothing special. I got their speciality greek coffee frappe on the owner's recommendation and it was like a whole milk bomb exploded in my stomach. Seriously hefty stuff, not for the weak at heart (or stomach).
          In my experiences, the omelettes were decent, the yogurt and fruit very nice & simple, the pankcakes were terrible, the salads great. It's stop-and-go at that place.
          And one of my main issues? Every time I've been there (about 4) it's been near-empty, and a slightly depressing vibe...no customers, just a few waitresses staring off into space... It's a nice location but I guess tough, a bit off the main drag.

          1. I like their avgolemono soup, and since i've only eaten there outside on a nice day, I can't comment on the atmosphere (I also don't enjoy empty restaurants as much). I have gone there twice for the soup though- I think it's addictive.

            1. Went for my second time on Friday. They do an excellent burger, best in the slope IMO. Fries and onion rings are very good too. But it was pretty much empty -- I overhead the people at the table next to us saying they were there for the 2nd night in a row, but no one else inside, and only one couple outside on a Friday night -- which is why I comment; can't imagine this place will last much longer w/o some support. Try it if your in the neighborhood and are jonesing for a burger or souvlaki.

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                That's too bad. I've had their souvlaki and salads for brunch and have always found them to be good. I think their biggest challenge is that they are a "tweener" -- they're a cross between a glorified diner and a Greek restaurant. It's owned by the same folks who own Elia in Bay Ridge, which is an excellent, very authentic Greek restaurant, and I think that somewhere along the way they wouldn't or couldn't replicate the model at that particular location in the Slope.

              2. I've had great food at Helios, and appreciate the care they seem to put into the quality of the food and the cooking. The place is often empty, but it looks like they do a good bit of take out business. There seem to be a lot of comments about the somewhat bummer vibe inside, and I have to be honest, I believe that it eminates directly from the owner's (or boss, I assume he's the owner) somewhat, let's say, "old school" attitude towards his female waitstaff and hispanic kitchen staff. I'm not an oversensitive PC type of person in any way, but I've felt a little uncomfortable in Helios on occasion because if the type of interaction I've sensed between the "big guy" and the people working there.

                Never seen the same waitress there twice.....

                1. i went there for the first time this past weekend - and after eating the burger (grass fed...) and a frappe was laid up for the rest of the day - seriously heavy stuff - and I don't have a weak stomach. maybe it was the combo - a friend of mine loves the frappe and goes there all the time for it - but it was kinda like a milk bomb to me too... my friend also ordered a regular coffee and it came in a french press with a warmed glass which seemed like nice touches. i would give it another try though but order a salad instead.

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                    Despite some mixed reviews, I think Helios is a good addition to the neighborhood. Where else in Park Slope can you get good souvlaki and agvolemono soup? At least it's not another pseudo-Thai place!

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                      Had a great meal at Helio's today, but doesn't appear to being doing any better business than last year when it was last discussed. Agvolemono soup, moussaka, wonderful souvlaki, and great burger. Wonder why it isn't more popular?

                  2. imo, it's they've got the best burgers (including veggie burgers) hands down. fries are great, salads are huge and fresh, and the prices are downright cheap compared to the quality of the dinner items. try having a piece of salmon on that salad - it's grilled and seasoned to perfection.