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Jul 20, 2006 02:32 PM

Helios - Park Slope

Need to give a nice thumbs up to Helios (sp?name?) the greek place on 6th and almost Flatbush?
Was very impressed with the food, service and dare I say authenticity? The salads offered as part of their meze selection were delicious - so fresh, served perfectly. The entrees - the veal pattie with kalamtata potatoes and basic salad with chicken souvlaki were perfect - the salad dressing so light and lemony - and the best part was their fresh, homemade lemonade - and a good selection of greek beers.
highly recommend.

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  1. I'm not a big fan of the place, although I went for brunch, so maybe that was my mistake. I don't like the atmosphere either -- it doesn't feel comfortable to me.

    1. I'm a fan of Helios too. Everything I've had there has been excellent, especially the hamburger and salads. Good coffee at night. I think it's really pleasant inside and on the patio.

      1. Helios can either be very good or very bad. When it's very bad it's usually because they use way too much salt to the point of being caustic.

        1. I have to concur with those that have had mixed experiences there. They have a decent brunch, but nothing special. I got their speciality greek coffee frappe on the owner's recommendation and it was like a whole milk bomb exploded in my stomach. Seriously hefty stuff, not for the weak at heart (or stomach).
          In my experiences, the omelettes were decent, the yogurt and fruit very nice & simple, the pankcakes were terrible, the salads great. It's stop-and-go at that place.
          And one of my main issues? Every time I've been there (about 4) it's been near-empty, and a slightly depressing customers, just a few waitresses staring off into space... It's a nice location but I guess tough, a bit off the main drag.

          1. I like their avgolemono soup, and since i've only eaten there outside on a nice day, I can't comment on the atmosphere (I also don't enjoy empty restaurants as much). I have gone there twice for the soup though- I think it's addictive.