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Jul 20, 2006 02:24 PM

Good, superquick takeout around Javits Center (34th St, all the way west)

Taking the Bar there on Tuesday, need a lunch option, otherwise it's cold sandwich in a clear plastic security bag. Anything? Has to be, like, McDonald's-speed.

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  1. It's a wasteland over there, but there is an actual McDonalds on the corner of 10th ave and 34th street. There's also a deli across the street from there. On 33rd, btw 10th adn 9th ave there's some sort of soup/sandwich place.

    1. There's a good buffet/deli at the basement of 450 W 33rd (near 10th AVe). I don't think you need ID to enter the building but if they ask you I think you can say you're going to the food court in the basement. There's also an entrance along 10th if I'm not mistaken.

      1. went through same experience not too long ago. I recommend just taking a sandwich because you won't really feel comfortable leaving the grounds. Good luck! As a celebration after the multistate on wednesday, head over to nearby Hallo Berlin for some Kostritzer Schwarzbier and some wurst...

        1. if you're still able to eat or think about food a week before the bar exam, you definitely need to do about 8000 more pmbr questions. good luck. and do what i did -- fill your plastic bag with candy.

          1. if you walk to 9th, manganaro's hero boy serves up a veal parm in warp speed.