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Jul 20, 2006 02:19 PM

Burritos, etc. in downtown Philadelphia

Lookin' for some burritos, tacos, etc. that might be within walking-ish distance of Rittenhouse. Non-chain suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and yes, I am willing to walk down to Washington Ave. for it.


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  1. Taqueria La Veracruzana on Washington and 9th diagonal from Giordano's Produce has good burritos as well as many other dishes. La Lupe next to Geno's delivers but their burritos aren't as good as Veracruzana, however, La Lupe does have very good chimichangas which is basically the size of a huge burrito but deep fried for extra goodness.

    1. Washington is not walking distance from Rittenhouse Square (unless you're ready for a major hike). Closer (but not nearly as authentic) and local is a place two doors to the left of City Garden, on Kennedy near 18th (the ground floor of an apartment building -- ignore the scaffolding). I like the turkey burrito with guac etc. The turkey is ground and indistinguishable from beef, so I feel less guilty eating it. It's fast food, but heads and shoulders above Qdoba (which is on Walnut or Chesnut near 15th, and much too salty, and a chain anyway). The name is something like Hot Tamales, but I never pay attention to the name. You can't miss it.

      1. I'm going to suggest El Fuego -- more CaliMex than true Mex. It's a bit of a hike from Rittenhouse (12-ish blocks), but the burritos are made-to-order with your choice of ingredients. If you get it to go, walk across the street to Washington Square.

        El Fuego
        723 Walnut St
        Philadelphia, PA 19106-3208

        1. There's also Pico De Gallo at 15th and South. The one time we went the service was insanely slow though, so we haven't been back. I remember the mole was good. Thank you.

          1. El Fuego has the best burritos in the city. They are indeed Cali-Mex, and is ironically either owned or at least staffed by a number of Argentineans (they hang Argentina flags and El Fuego was mobbed by Argies for their World Cup matches). All the burritos are $6.25 but I highly recommend the vegetarian burrito over the meat varieties since it comes with guac, which is otherwise an extra $1.75. The salsas are fresh and tasty, the guac is great, and the beans are well-prepared. Good tortillas...everything's well-prepared. As an added bonus, they have a large flat-screen TV on the wall that's almost always showing Fox Soccer Channel or GolTV.

            Pico de Gallo is another good burrito spot. I don't like the rest of their food as much, actually. They make their own cheese and it's quite good. They have a number of burritos that sound good (roast pork and plantains) but I find that their simple rice and bean burrito with lettuce, salsa and cheese is their best.

            The other place I like is MexiCali in University City. During lunch they have trucks at 36th and Spruce and 38th and Walnut, and they have a shop at 40th and Sansom open until 8pm during the summer. They just started making their own tortillas, which is nice. They are a little gummy but much better than most of the tortillas to be found in Philly. The bean burrito with habaƱero salsa is a favorite of mine, and is only $2.25 from the trucks (the store menu is a little different and a little more expensive). Way better than Qdoba and most of the other burritos in town, and cheaper than any ones I know about.

            As for tacos, I've been to all the places everyone raves about in Philly (not yet the new batch that have popped up in the last 6 months) and I just can't get behind any of them. Fortunately I'm headed to Tucson soon for my fix.