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Jul 20, 2006 02:10 PM

Solo in Houston Tonite (7/20)

DC Hound staying at Omni Hotel on Four Riverway tonite before business meeting tomorrow morning. Seeking good restaurant, short cab ride away, offering nice bar seating, well prepared food (can be anything), and selection of wines by the glass.

Any help on such short notice?

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  1. Did you find anything that you would recommend? I am heading there next week. Staying downtown.

    1. I stayed at the Omni in the Galleria area. Ate at the Post Oak Grill. I can not recommend it.

      Picture a place that was probably a great, upscale Texan Grill a decade ago serving big steaks and chops with homey sides in a slightly urban, clubby environment. I'm only surmising. Since then, they seem to have since over expanded the space, cheapened the decor, the staff was bickering at each other, the menu was full of out-ot-place "MahiMahi with a Wasabi Ginger Glaze," and the steak I had stunk.

      Go figure.