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Jul 20, 2006 01:50 PM

Chinese sticky rice in banana leaf - Chiong

Looking to buy some "as-close-to-homestyle-cooking" chiong.
I'm probably not spelling it right but it's the sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf. Some are stuffed with chinese sausage or nuts or both.

My friend's grandmother use to give them to me and I would freeze them - - then steam them when I was ready to eat it.

If someone could teach me how to make them as well, I'll trade you any Korean food recipe you want.


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  1. The Deluxe Food Market in Chinatown has really yummy ones next to the register in the prepared foods area (and they do freeze well). They also have all kinds of other amazing things. The store is a block long, spanning from Mott Street through to Elizabeth.
    79 Elizabeth

    1. There's a store on Pell Street (at Mott) which offers a wide selection of freshly-made on the premises chiong. I bought two varieties, Guangchow style and Hong Kong style and they were both delicious, still-warm in their traditional bamboo leaves (not banana, by the way). Both contained seasoned pork, and mung bean, along with other tasty ingredients. One also had a duck egg yolk for added interest and flavor. I grew up eating chiong (in fact my grandmother & mother would get together every year and have themselves a chiong wrapping party), and your post made me crave this childhood treat again so I headed down to C-town early this week and found this great place on Pell for a chiong fix. Enjoy!

      1. Yes, the place on Pell St. (off of Mott) is called May Wah and they have GREAT zhongs...

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          May May, actually. I second the recommendation.