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Jul 20, 2006 01:19 PM

A Voce tonight--

Any dish recs?

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  1. Looking at the menu on A Voce's website, I see that many of the dishes we had when we were there shortly after they opened have been replaced. Not surprising since Chef Carmellini is cooking seasonally. However, the fabulous duck meatballs with foie gras are still there. I think it has became a "signature" dish. Definitely not to be missed. On the dessert menu, I recommend the tiramisu. An excellent version.

    Have they begun serving on their outdoor terrace yet? If so, ask for a table there. If not, I hope you're going early because once the interior space fills up, the noise is deafening!

    1. I was there on Sunday night. The Gnocchi w/ lamb bolognese was great and they had a special, Scallop Saltombocca was excellent. As a rule I usually don't order scallops as an entree but this was definitely worth it. Excellent all around

      1. I had the Homemade Pappardelle (lamb bolognese, mint,
        sheep’s milk ricotta) and it was excellent.

        1. If you like Ricotta, the fresh ricotta appetizer (off the menu) was delicious- if they still have it.

          1. Yeah, the Ricotta was awesome, they put a few dollops on the Gnocchi.