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Jul 20, 2006 01:14 PM

Mastellone has new owners

Local Carroll Gardens institution sold to new owners.

Plus side: no doubt the selection will 10 fold. As well, the deli and meat dept. are staying.
Minus side: I can gurantee the prices will go up 20-30%. As well, more Italian flavor leaves the neighborhood.

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  1. That is disheartening news. I love the fresh chicken sausages there, so reasonably priced. It's such a great neighborhood place. I hope it doesn't change much.

    1. Is this the place that is also known as the Italian Food Market or something like that--on Court? They have great take-out stuff. I love that place. Why are they selling? I agree that a great deal of quality and neighborhood character will probably be sacrificed. What a shame.

      1. HOORAY!!! I just found out today that one of the old partners at Mastellone, and one of the guys who has been working there for years are buying back the business!!! Each day I went in after it was sold I was more and more disappointed. Not only did prices go up, but in fact the selection did not increase (except in the processed junk food area), and the meat and deli department declined immensely. This is a great turn for the neighborhood!

        1. I have to say that I think this can only improve things. Things looked bleak in the aisles and the non deli selection was sad. I thought this place could have so much more potential. I refused to buy any of the takeaway items because of the condition of the rest of the store. If 20-30% more means better standards then so be it.

          1. One of the employees who has been there -forever- is buying the place with the -old- owners. The new owners ruined the place in 6 months.

            Welcome back, Mastellone.