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Jul 20, 2006 01:10 PM

Beer, Pre-Beer Food, and Vietnamese

So I'm going to NYC in the near future, and have 3 requests:

Saturday night I'm going drinking with some friends. We'd like to drink American IPAs and other hoppy beers. Anderson Valley, Victory Hop Devil, and anything local NYC. What local stuff should I drink beyond Brooklyn Lager? I was thinking to go to the Peculiar Pub, and would be happy to return, but perhaps there are other places we should go? I think I would prefer a place with a selection of several beers to say, a brewpub with only 4 house blends, but a really good brewpub could be good, too.

Assuming we were to go drinking at the Peculiar Pub, where should we eat dinner beforehand? Or if we go somewhere else, where to eat beforehand? Pretty much anything is okay, maybe some sort of local specialty? Pizza? Anything, really, just something good.

Finally, are there any recommendations for Vietnamese food? Many moons ago I liked Pho Pasteur, but on our last visit there (2 years ago), the food appeared to have fallen off a cliff.

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  1. try hop devil grill. i noticed a bunch of ipas on tap last night.

    1. ginger man. then try some Korean food in K-Town. Dae Dong or Han Bat (try the pa jun)...

      1. If your going to Peculiar Pub you could go and get a lobster roll at Pearl Oyster Bar since that is right near by although a little pricey ($22 when I went last week but worth every penny with the shoestring fries!) For cheap eats there's great pizza places right nearby there- the names escape me right now (Joe's?) but one is on the east side of 7th avenue and Bleeker and one is on the west.

        I also second Hop Devil Grill in the east village as well as D.B.A. for some great beers. Check out their website for a complete list as it changes If you are over in the east village a great place to grab a quick bite and soak up some of that beer is Pomme Frites on 2nd avenue. Think great fries and tons of different dipping sauces. As far as more local beers go I would highly recommend any kind of Bluepoint Brewery beer. They should have some at Hop Devil and also at Standing on 7th street (small, small sports bar with a rotating beer list). If you want to get a little rowdy there's always McSorleys for a unique NYC experience although you can only have a light or dark lager obviously. Have fun!

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          if you're referring to *the* joe's, it' on carmine just west of 6th...get the fresh mozz slice

        2. I'm not a fan of Hop Devil Grill. The bar area is small forcing you to a table. The waitresses aren't friendly and know nothing about beer. They play the music so loud on weekend nights that you can't talk to the person seated next to you.

          DBA is a much better choice in the East Village.

          For local beers try anything by Sixpoints if you see it available. The Righteous Ale you'll love if you are looking for hoppy.

          Waterfront Ale House is a laid back place with a good selection of Ales and decent food and a 10 minute walk from Gingerman. The bartenders are excellent with recommendations.

          1. I'll second dba - they have an outstanding selection and the enviroment is conducive to conversation, not screaming.

            I'll also put in a good word for the Manhattan branch of Waterfront Ale House, long a Brooklyn institution. They've basically cloned the Brooklyn branch and kept it's laid back vibe. (Not an easy thing to do in Manhattan.) The beer selection is slightly less than dba but this is balanced out by outstanding pub food. The burger is first rate.

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              I have to concur on Waterfront, its just around the corner from my apt and I love the bar food there. Even the house salad is a notch above, plus they have cajun spiced popcorn. Its pub food plus a 4$ pint of the week. Woot!

              But it is hard to argue witht the wall of taps at Ginger Man, though...

              I would throw in the Essex Ale house a tiny little dive just south of houston on essex st. Tons of bottles and like 6 taps of good beer. Its just around the corner from Tuck Shop and Katzs and they dont mind if you bring food int....

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                Actually, I was just at Essex Ale House the other night and they have 12 taps, so it's twice as nice. Some really great beers too!