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Jul 20, 2006 12:41 PM

Anyone been to Salt on MacDougal?

Has anyone tried this place? I've read good things about it but don't know anybody who's actually eaten there. Thanks.

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  1. cute place. totally decent food. in the dictionary next to "first date restaurant."

    1. Love this place. One of my favorites in Manhattan, particularly in the summer. The owner/chef keeps the menu very seasonal and updates it frequently. Hence in the summer when a wide variety of produce is available, she rocks. I typically have whatever whole fish they're serving, plus a couple of sides of veggies. Don't miss the roasted corn or tomato bread salad, if either are available.

      1. They used to have a good brunch as well, but I think they've since stopped doing it. The soho branch is much better than the Clinton St, Salt Bar.

        1. love this restaurant! the bacon wrapped figs are not to be missed.

          1. Excellent place. Real good home-cooking with unique combinations and flavors. Very friendly host/owner, as well. And good wine selection.