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Jul 20, 2006 11:06 AM


3 nights in Albuquerque and too many choices...please help me narrow down my dinner plans:

1st night - Range Cafe?
Flying Star?
El Patio?

2nd night - Graze Jennifer James

3rd night - Siringitu Vegetarian Cafe

Am especially interested in thoughts about the 1st night's choices but am also open to comments about nights 2 & 3. FWIW, I'm a vegetarian but my husband is not.

Also, anyplace special we should try for an early (6:00am ish) breakfast? For dessert we're definitely planning to hit Model Pharmacy for cobbler.

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  1. I am not very impressed with Graze. It's alright but... just alright. I have never swooned or even thought wow, that was great... I would choose Slate Street Cafe or Ambrozia over Graze anyday.

    I live quite near Siringitu and have never eaten there. Prices are too high for what it is. I've never heard a good word about the place and several friends have told me to avoid it. I'd be curious to hear an indepth report if you choose to dine there.

    Flying Star is way overrated, I had a pot pie there that was totally runny, short on crust and short on chicken. The Range is a far better bet. The desserts are way better at the Range as well.

    Our best vegetarian restaurant is Annapurna Aurevedic Indian Cuisine.

    Your 6AM Bfast choice should be The Frontier on Central.

    Have a great visit

    1. The Frontier - pretty much a college eaterie - has very good and well prepared food. The food is also about the cheapest meal in ABQ. Dinner for two for $15.

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        jlawrence01: I agree with you. Frontier is cheap and good, and it is indeed something to be experienced. I am, however, unsatisfied with their vegetarian choices (that statement assumes that eggs and cheese are not part of a vegetarian's food choices).

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          I've ben eating at the Frontier since grad school at UNM in the late 80s. Try the Frontier Roll cinnamon roll, or any breakfast item. If you like hot, try the Breakfast Burrito, the Frontier burrito, or their green chile stew. They do have vegetarian food, but not much of it.

          If you like _real_ Korean, try Fu Yuang, which is located in Scottsdale Village behind McD's at the northwest corner of Eubank and Candelaria. This place has _real_ Korean homestyle food. It also has limited hours: Tuesday through Saturday from 4:30 to 8:30PM.

          Better review of Fu Yuang here (along with other reviews of NM food):

        2. LAWoman:
          I agree with all that Scottso has said, and would like to add:
          Are you interested in trying our local cuisine? If so, try to get to Los Cuates. IMHO, it's very good local food with some vegetarian choices. If you go for dinner, be prepared to's frequently busy.

          1. I absolutely agree about Flying Star. Overpriced and not worth it. Los Cuates is great. But go hungry. They serve tons of food.

            1. You can not beat Perea's for breakfast or lunch