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Jul 20, 2006 11:01 AM

Sauciety (Westin Waterfront)

So no one's been yet, huh? I had a drink and a shrimp cocktail in the bar, a handsome spot, too bad it's in the middle of the lobby bustle. The restaurant was attractive too. Yes, it's a corny name; some of the menu sounds great, some a little too high-concept and not focused enough on good plain honest cooking.
Anyway, curious.

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  1. Had lunch there last week with 10 people and it was terrible. Uneven and slow service (which was a little odd because we tried to make a reservation for 12:30 and they asked us to instead come at 1:00, which we did) and the place was nearly empty.

    Most of the group got sandwiches or salads and food was mediocre and expensive. Compararble sandwiches (ham and cheese, turkey club) are available for much less elsewhere. One item on the menu was french fires with a choice of about 6 dipping sauces. We ordered 4 orders of fires for the table which were delivered with none of the sauces. When we inquired, our waitress, she said we didn't get any sauces because we did not ask for them.

    We are going to give it some time to iron out the kinks before rushing back but I would still prefer a sit down lunch at Aura or even LTK rather than Sauciety when in the area.

      1. Also had a drinik at the lobby bar. Tried the fried calamari which was tough; did not finish the order. Service was friendly.

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          1. hi, this is my first post here! I wanted to relay my RW experience at Sauciety last night.

            I went with a group of 5 girls from work and we all thoroughly enjoyed our meals and the group dining experience. Each course was served with individual sauces, I thought was a fun concept.

            The RW menu was good - I was pleasantly surprised by the portions too. Unlike other RW portions, these portions seemed very generous- we were stuffed by the end of the night.

            When we first sat down, a bread basket was brought up with about 4 different selections of bread (flatbread, cranberry roll, plain roll, breadsticks) along with 3 small bowls of dip (olive oil, some kind of artichoke-hummus dip, I forget the 3rd dip). It was fun to sample all the bread and dips, it definitely set the stage for our dining experience to come.

            For an appetizer, you could select two kabobs or a salad. We all got the kabobs. They were served family style to our table, on 2 plates with the kabobs standing up and 2 dishes of sauces underneath. It was a cute presentation. The steak kabob was very moist and tender, the chicken was so-so, not much taste to it. But I drowned it in the chimichurri sauce, which was delicious! My other DC's tried the shrimp and veggie kabobs and also finished them off.

            For dinner I got the pan seared pork chop, 3 DC's got the grilled swordfish steak, and 1 DC got the pan roasted chicken. The main dish was served on its own plate and then we each got our buttermilk garlic mashed potatoes in a giant bowl (each serving would be enough for at least 2-3 people). Then the sauces- when we had ordered, our waitress gave her recommendations and was knowledgeable about which sauce would pair best based on our tastes (ie. hate spicy, love creamy, etc).

            This is when we lined up our 10 sauces in the middle of the table- with each bite of my pork chop, I tried a different sauce or a combo of sauces, my favorite being the chimichurri & avocado salsa fresca. Everyone enjoyed their main dish- 1 DC had swordfish for the first time and ate the entire thing.

            Then desert- choice of chocolate cake or a trio of creme brulee. 3 of us got the brulee and 2 got the chocolate cake. I didn't taste the cake, but the girls said it was very moist and good, not too sweet. It was a small square of cake surrounded by chocolate mousse foam. The creme brulee, again keeping with the concept of the restaurant, was served on a long white dish with 3 bowls and 2 sauces. The flavors of the brulee were lemon (nice and light), cappuccino (my favorite, had chocolate toffee crumbles on top), and blueberry. This dessert would have been enough for at least 2 people to share -it was a playful dish and you could enhance it with the different sauces (lemon, kiwi, and I think a chocolate sauce).

            We all had a great time here- the restaurant was busy around the time we had dinner there (from 7-9:30), I assume because of RW. I was at the Westin for a wedding on Saturday and the restaurant never looked busy- I doubt that you need to make a reservation here. I would definitely go back- they did RW right because they didn't skimp on the meal and treated everyone as if we were paying full price.

            They do not validate for parking, but I found parking on D Street, right alongside the hotel. The worst part of the night was walking back to our cars and one of my co-workers noticed that the bike on her Jeep had been stolen. Not a great way to end the night!