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Jul 20, 2006 07:37 AM

Shanghai in Millbrae?

The owner's son at Osome on Fillmore in Cow Hollow recently recommended a Shanghainese restaurant in Millbrae but didn't know the name in English.

I believe he said it was in a mall.

Can any of you guess how we can find it (if we ever make our way dow there!)?


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  1. Probably the Shanghai Dumpling Shop (with the word Candlelight in there somewhere) on Broadway, same side of the street as Dean's Produce, though that is not in a mall. Probably most well known for XLB/soup dumplings and likely the closest to authentic Shanghainese in the area (mixed reviews for this place, they are rather MSG heavy IMO).

    There's another possible place, a little bit north past Office Depot, but I don't know if it is any good. Can't remember the English name also but it might have the Chinese character "stone" in the title.

    Or perhaps it is on the Burlingame border, in which case it is in the same complex as Lunardi's....the answer to that one is 5 A's Cafe, but they are not Shanghainese (they do various styles of Northern Chinese cuisine).

    1. Red faced! I meant Milpitas!