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Jul 20, 2006 06:26 AM

Susina's Almond Croissant

I'm not sure exactly why I'm posting. For I think it's perfect.
It's as good as in France, IMO. It reminds me of the mornings I would wake up and rush down to a branch of Max (not Lionel) Poilane, and ask for their almond croissant, and almost always get turned down, they hadn't made any that day, but when they did, it was that much sweeter. Susina's reminds me of that almond croissant: perfect balance between crunch and ooze, between the airy pastry and the almond paste. Actually Susina's almond croissant is better than many I had in France, almost always overwhelmed by the paste inside, turned into (still delicious but) greasy messes. And best: unlike Max Poilane, they almost always have 'em.

Stretching things a little bit, I'm lucky to call Susina my local. But my question: Am I missing something BETTER? Is there an almond croissant better in this city? One I should be driving to, when, like now, I'm already thinking about breakfast in the morning and having a serious craving?

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  1. didn't find susina in a search, where is it? I can tell you not to try the almond croissant at la brea bakery. forget it I found it. edited.

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    1. My all time favorite - Delice on Pico just west of La Cienega
      My husband's favorite - Amandine on Wilshire just West of Bundy
      Also excellent - Breadbar on 3rd street just west of La Cienega

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      1. re: Lipps

        Amandine is the best for my buds--by FAR. I'm drawing a blank on the name of the bakery near Pico...Le Pain..., those croissants were pretty good.

        I've yet to try Delice--will have to try it. (Sadly, I've never had anything at Susina that was worth returning for.)

          1. re: Funwithfood

            The almond croissants at Maison du pain aren't very good. Instead of rolling the croissant around a log of almond paste, they cut the croissant open and fill it with an almond cream (it looks like a croissant version of a Paris-brest). If you've ever tried a peanut cream-filled pan at a Korean or Japanese bakery, that's what it's like...only not nearly as good. The people there, however, are AMAZINGLY nice-- they'll make it for you with an hour's notice so that it's fresh when you get it.

            1. re: Funwithfood

              But have you tried Susina's almond croissants? They are really authentic.
              I am putting Delice, Maison du Pain, and Amandine on my to visit list.

              1. re: George

                The OP wrote about the ones at Susina, which are better than some neighborhood places in France, not all. You could say that about anything though...

                Euro Pane on E. Colorado in Pasadena is supposed to have some really good ones-- from what I've heard, even better than those at Susina. Try calling advance though, since they never have them whenever I go by. The store apparently runs out of croissants-- particularly almond ones-- early. The palmiers there were pretty good, though.

                (* note: "pretty good" does not mean I'd go across town for them unless I happened to be in the area in the first place)

                1. re: PseudoNerd

                  Ooo thanks for the heads-up, I live two cities away (Alhambra) & its kinda en-route to work. Any other delish I should try there?

                  1. re: PseudoNerd

                    try the quiche-- again, if they happen still happen to have it at whatever time of day you make it there

                  2. re: George

                    I will try Susina's almond croissants next time I go--I don't recall if I have had them or not.

                    Breadbar's were pretty good, but their Emmenthaler rolls totally rock--especially warmed and slathered with Plugra.

                    Michele Richard's croissants did not thrill me.

                    Europane is usually sold out of everything by the time I make it over there (afternoon).

              2. I'm not in the city nor do I get much chance to be there so, tell me, Is Susina's almond croissant better than Porto's or Europane? I am a 210/118 drifter but, I'll travel to Susina on a weekend if their Almond croissant is worth it. After all, I managed to get to Susie Cakes this week.