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Crushed ice

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I am not sure if this is appropriate for this board, but I am looking for gas stations or restaurants, in Los Angeles, that have the crushed ice. I love crushed ice but am having a hard time finding it. I believe that Johnnies Pastrami had crushed ice the time that I ate there...but I think that is the only place that I know of.

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  1. Try Arco AM PM, the have crushed and cubed in their soda machine. Or North Hollywood Ice should have plenty for you.

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      I tried it and this is now where I fill up on crushed ice and pop on my way to work. Thanks :)

    2. Union Ice Company in Van Nuys.

      1. 7-Elevens all sell crushed ice by the bag.

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          unfortunately, my location did not have it when i checked today. :|

        2. I also love crushed ice!

          A few places of the top of my head that have it:

          Fast Taco - Ocean Park and about 30th in Santa Monica
          Tito's Tacos - Washington and Sepulveda in Culver City
          Zankou Chicken - in Van Nuys, Glendale, Pasadena, Hollywood. The new Westside location does not have crushed ice.

          1. The Bear Pit in Mission Hills. Also in Castaic, Tommy's has it.

            I know its not LA, but thought I'd add it to the list!

            1. All the 7-11's carry Union Crushed Ice.

              1. coffee bean and tea leaf has crushed ice.

                also, the thai dishes restaurants in el segundo and manhattan beach.

                1. oh yeah - and jamba juice uses crushed ice, too.

                  1. Frito Misto on Colorado and 8th(?) in Santa Monica. It's got a Coke soda Fountain...Great food too!
                    Family owned small Italian cafe.

                    1. If you want it in general, versus just knowing that they have it for your drink ata place you are eating, I suggest getting an old Ice O Matic. Throw in your cubes, couple grinds, and you have perfect crushed ice. Saveur amagazine recommended it in their May edition. Keeping this on a Los Angeles topic, I found mind at the Antique & Collectible swap meet held every 3rd Sunday at Vet's Stadium in Long Beach and have seen one or two every time I have been.

                      1. There is Union Ice in Van Nuys, which I think is easier to get to and better parking than North Hollywood Ice.

                        1. Tito's Tacos in Culver City
                          El Tepeyac in East Los Angeles

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                            I was just at Tito's yesterday and they no longer have crushed ice. SO DISAPPOINTING!
                            Al's Sandwich Shop on Robertson around Beverlywood has crushed Ice and a Coke fountain...I'm not to hot on the sandwiches or the atmosphere, but some people really like their cheese steak too.
                            There is also a place in the new Century City Mall cafeteria where they make Italian ice and you can request a soda with the crushed ice...they are more then happy to accomodate.

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                              Go to Al's for their cheesesteak and nothing else. It's the best cheesesteak I've had and my boyfriend and I often drive out of our way just to get a one there. And no, it's not about atmosphere--it's a tiny hole in the wall with peeling paint. The cheesesteaks are worth it though.

                          2. Los Burritos on Hollywood Blvd. or Sunset Blvd,
                            Johnnies Pastrami has the "pellet" crushed ice,
                            Mr. Noodle in Westwood

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                              Pie n' Burger in Pasadena also uses the 'pellet' crushed ice in their sodas. I could just sit there and chew glass-upon-glass of that ice ( like many others who are anemic & iron deficient, I am a chronic ice chewer ). I also 'chew' plain 'snow' ice from Get Shaved (shave ice kiosk in the Valley); but a $3.50 per serving there, I just make my own granita at home now...

                            2. FYI, pellet ice (Sonic turds? ;-) is available at the TK Burgers on 19th Street in Costa Mesa.