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Jul 20, 2006 04:29 AM

Crushed ice

I am not sure if this is appropriate for this board, but I am looking for gas stations or restaurants, in Los Angeles, that have the crushed ice. I love crushed ice but am having a hard time finding it. I believe that Johnnies Pastrami had crushed ice the time that I ate there...but I think that is the only place that I know of.

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  1. Try Arco AM PM, the have crushed and cubed in their soda machine. Or North Hollywood Ice should have plenty for you.

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      I tried it and this is now where I fill up on crushed ice and pop on my way to work. Thanks :)

    2. Union Ice Company in Van Nuys.

      1. 7-Elevens all sell crushed ice by the bag.

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        1. re: Muskrat

          unfortunately, my location did not have it when i checked today. :|

        2. I also love crushed ice!

          A few places of the top of my head that have it:

          Fast Taco - Ocean Park and about 30th in Santa Monica
          Tito's Tacos - Washington and Sepulveda in Culver City
          Zankou Chicken - in Van Nuys, Glendale, Pasadena, Hollywood. The new Westside location does not have crushed ice.

          1. The Bear Pit in Mission Hills. Also in Castaic, Tommy's has it.

            I know its not LA, but thought I'd add it to the list!