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Jul 20, 2006 04:15 AM

Heirloom tomato variety--Aunt Ruby's German Green

Someone had mentioned Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomatoes, an heirloom variety. Has anyone seen these at a farmers' market, roadside stand or grocery in the SF Bay area? Thanks!

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  1. Try Farmers' Markets or Berkeley Bowl.

    A lot of people like Monterey Market but I'm not one of them--I often see produce that is in my opinion, not sellable. Today it was the boysenberries which I would have loved to buy, and the black raspberries, ditto. Moldy. Ick.

    That said, it was very busy even on a weekday.

    1. Terra Firma (Saturday farmers market in Berkelely) grows them but they're a late variety so likely some weeks off. You can get in touch with them and ask:

      (530) 756-2800

      1. Bought some of these today at my local market( Prince Edward Island, Canada and came here to see if anyone else was raving about them. Yours if the only posting I found. They are truly delectable, ripe, very juice ,and strangely ripe when green.

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          I am going nuts for Green Zebras, same type of deal. Used to buy, now I'm growing! Juicier than most reds.

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            happy boy (berk oak fm) was selling them cheap last wk, $10 for a flat. I bought some but haven't tried yet. was told they are not acidic like green zebras

            1. re: rubadubgdub

              Guess that's what I like about Green Zebra, they are green but they taste almost like red.

          2. I got some at the Weds. downtown Santa Cruz Farmers Market (I know, this belongs on the California board), I'm just sayin.

            One of my favorite green-when-ripe tomatoes...