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Jul 20, 2006 04:09 AM

Boise bakery [Moved from Pacific Northwest board]

Coming back to Boise (grew up there) and I am catering my family reunion. I am looking for a couple of places to get great ingredients. I am from the Bay Area and we are spoiled with CSA boxes every week and the such, we want the same quality and I am sure Boise has some great places to offer. So, Boise chowhounds - please, let me in on the secrets.

1. Bread - basic good quality bread at a great price. If I were in California, I would head out to Trader Joes and get some Grace Bakery or Acme Bread if that helps...
2. Stellar fruit. We are thinking stone fruits (peaches, nectarines, plums?). The catch is that we come in the day of one meal, so we need to be able to buy at peak.


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  1. 1. Sorry to say, but after having lived in Boise for almost a year -- moved here for 12 months from Brooklyn for the fiancee's job -- I have been unable to find ANY quality bread at any price. If you manage to find some, please let me know!

    2. Again, not many strong options, unless you're arriving on a Saturday. If so, there is usually very reliable and fresh fruit available from the weekly farmer's market on the 8th street promenade downtown. Otherwise, the best bet is probably to hit the Boise Co-Op with your fingers crossed.

    Best of luck . . .


    1. For bread I like Zeppoles. They have a location downtown on 8th Street. They make "Village Loaf" which makes wonderful for sandwiches. And of course the usual bagettes, loaves and rolls.

      For fruit, if you aren't here on Saturday for the Farmers Market (also on 8th Street) you can stop by a fruit and vegetable stand at State and Collister (open seven days a week) or Reggies Veggies near the Mall on Milwaukee. Not everything is stellar at both locations but if you ask "what is good" they will direct you to what is the best tasting and freshest that day.

      1. I know this thread is old, but if anyone can add to it PLEASE do so. I have been in Boise almost a year now and I LOVE it ... but I MISS BREAD!!! I got really excited when I heard Whole Foods was coming, but now it looks like that won't happen (and if it does, it will be awhile) I need bread NOW!

        There is Zeppole's if I am desperate, but I really don't like them. I special ordered Epi Bread (because they only sell it at the Co-op and not their store -???) and I had to have it replaced because it was all hard (and they claimed they just made it) and then the 2nd one was no better.

        HELP! ... Even if I have to drive a bit, I'll go.

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          Does the bread from Le Cafe De Paris on Capitol do anything for you? I believe they're the ones who sell loaves of bread at the downtown farmer's market on Saturdays.

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            Just in case anyone is still looking at this thread ... bread from Cafe de Paris is AWESOME!!! BREAD! I found bread!!! LOL!!!

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     in Boise. Available at the restaurant and at the Boise

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            I know this was posted awhile ago, but I've had great luck recently finding sour-dough boules and other artisan breads at Winco on Myrtle. They have a roasted garlic sourdough boule that is fantastic and it's even better toasted and slathered in butter! They have a very good selection of bagels that are real bagels, not some spongy crap, and I noticed fresh hoagy rolls in the same bins where the bagels are there. I would check that out. Also, there are lots of breads at Costco. There is a 100 foot wall of breads. We found Dave's Killer bread there recently, as well as the flour free sprout breads.

            I would love to find an Afghani bakery around here. I spent ten years in DC and the breads you could find in the grocery stores there were amazing. Give me some nan! I'm dying for some nan!