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Jul 20, 2006 04:06 AM

Sandwiches and pitas near Connecticut Ave & K Street DC

hey i just got a job right near there and am looking for a delicious lunch sandwich. any suggestions would be appreciated. Pitas are good too. In fact, if theres any lunch time place that cant be missed, id love to know. Trying to keep it under $10 (w/o drink) also if it can be done. Gracias!

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  1. Take a walk down to Pennsylvania Ave., to Breadline. Lots and lots of chat on the board about it - and strong opinions. I love the place.

    1. Here's a start: (also has great the "regular" menu

      ) (I'm partial to the Tuesday and Thursday menus


      Common Grounds on 17th just north of K st. has great sandwiches.

      City Place Cafe on 17th just north of L st. has great sandwiches, salads, and soups.

      1. There's a Potbelly at 15th and L (I think). Another over at the corner of 19th and L. Decent sandwiches on the cheap, nothing spectacular tho. Around $4.

        Greek Deli on 19th does good gyros and souvlaki, but their slow-roasted lamb dishes are famed in song and story. Do a search for the raves.

        There's Breadline on Penn of course, but you'll get some wildly varying views on that. And you can easily go over $10.

        1. I like Naan and Beyond on L and Conn. Breadline and Greek Deli are great as well.

          1. Other options--

            The Perfect Pita on the east side of 20th St. between K & L makes good pita sandwiches. My fave (and others' too, judging from the number of orders I hear) is the chicken hummus veggie.

            They don't have sandwiches exactly, but the Well-Dressed Burrito (in an alley off the west side of 19th St., north of M) makes great Mexican-American food. Big portions, very reasonable prices. Blows Chipotle away.

            It's a bit of a hike, but worth it: Moby Dick on N St. between Connecticut & 19th. Wonderful grilled sandwiches on flatbread.

            Couscous Cafe, on 20th between L & M, has a few sandwiches. I like the merguez sausage sandwich with harissa.