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Jul 20, 2006 03:58 AM

Good BBQ in Orange County

We've been to Lucille's.... any suggestions? TIA

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  1. Bad to the Bone BBQ in San Juan. REALLY good bbq! Small space though so hopefully a small group

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    1. re: 1000steps

      i agree - Bad to the bone is really good! they recently expanded so the dinning room has gotten bigger and there now an open patio area and a full bar.

    2. Johnny Reb's

      2940 East Chapman Avenue, Orange
      Chapman between Yorba and Prospect

      Also heard a lot of good things about their bbq omelett and good breakfast deals.

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      1. re: ml22

        you're kidding ...right ? j rebs stinks !! we've commented on oc bbq before - and although i do not consider tulsa rib to be true bbq, i agree they make some damn good ribs....but j rebs - holy cow...they are an embarassment !! burrell's - i've had great experiences there but last 2 were sub-par - like most true bbq places you gotta get there at the right time - later you are there the odds are the meat will dry out that's why grilling places like tulsa are so good !

      2. Tulsa Rib in Orange, best BBQ in OC.

        I've had good success with the beef ribs at Ribs on the Run in Laguna Hills. Good sides of chili with cheese and cornbread, too.

        Other good options for Santa Maria-style BBQ are Lou's Oak Oven in Huntington Beach and Papa's Western BBQ in Los Alamitos.

        There is also Mike's BBQ in Cypress, Blake's Place in Anaheim, Burrell's in Santa Ana, Chris & Pitts in Fountain Valley & Anaheim, Memphis BBQ in Lake Forest, Newport Rib Company & Beach Pit BBQ in Costa Mesa.

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        1. re: Wonginator

          The food at Chris & Pitts is just OK -- I mean, it's not a must-avoid or anything like that -- but honestly, just the decor makes me sick to my stomach. I know that BBQ shacks are not supposed to be high on decor, but C&P's did some overdecoration back in the 70's and it's just got worse and worse since then as they haven't kept it up. I seriously get dizzy every time I go in there.

          (This is the Euclid Ave. location in Anaheim.)

        2. There is a good ribs joint in laguna hills.Its called Ribs on the Run.There ribs are tender and meaty.They serve St Louis Ribs,Baby Back and beef ribs.They also offer free delivery .Try them ,they also cater to the angels,dodgers and san diego chargers

          1. The current OC Weekly has a small feature/review of a place in San Clemente called Rick's Secret Spot. Sounds interesting.


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            1. re: Itslikeimsayin

              I just had Rick's for my office birthday lunch. Yummy!
              I'm no BBQ connoisseur, but it was sure tasty! Pulled pork sandwich with baked beans and coleslaw. Thick and rich carrot cake for dessert.

              Try it!