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Jul 20, 2006 02:42 AM

Celebratory dinner near Brooklyn Museum of Art?

Looking for a nice place for a birthday dinner within easy distance of Brooklyn Musueum of Art - either by walking or subway. Coming from Queens and not very familiar with the area...

It's for a 30th birthday on a Saturday night and we are looking for great food, decent wine list, good ambiance and if we can keep it to about $55-70 pp., including drinks that would be great. Fairly open to cuisine, but preferable no Asian this night. THANKS!

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  1. Go to Beast on Vanderbilt and Bergen. Good wine list, excellent small-plate foods and kick-ass desserts. Get the roasted bananas and pistachio ice cream.

    Or Garden Cafe. It's also on Vanderbilt. Good prix fixe and tiny, intimate room.

    1. I had dinner at beast for the first time the other night and was thoroughly impressed. Reminded me of Dumont or Freemans to some extent.

      Great drinks, great service, nice space, plenty of room, and great food.

      We had the warm cheese tart (excellent), the cheese plate (pedestrian choices but good nonetheless), the short ribs (excellent), and the seared tuna (okay).

      Great prices and the tapas were definitely big enough for an entree

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        1. Beats, Aliseo, or the Garden Cafe.

          Or Gen for sushi (st. mark's and washington)

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          1. For a celebratory dinner, I think that the Garden Café beats out the other suggestions, although with a bottle of wine (and no other alcohol) you'll be at the upper end of your price range. But this is a very special place, ten tables, well spaced. Probably several others will be celebrating an intimate birthday as well. The husband in the kitchen, the wife in the front room. And the food is excellent.

            BTW, the name of the museum is back to the Brooklyn Museum. They've recently dropped the "of Art" which they grafted on about 10 years ago.