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Jul 20, 2006 02:28 AM

Indian dinner Wilmington, Delaware

I'd appreciate recommendations for Indian cuisine in Wilmington for this weekend. How is Nirvana in Independence Mall? Are there any other Indian places that have good food and a nice atmosphere?


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  1. I had lunch at Palace of Asia on the Kirkwood Highway last week and it was very good food, it is a buffet at lunch so I tasted everything and it was all good, Very nice place and good service as well, I would highly recommend it.

    1. There are actually a lot of Indian restaurants in the area, so hopefully you'll be able to find one that hits the spot. I haven't been to Nirvana, so I can't comment there. I agree with kmcdonne and think that Palace of Asia would be your best bet. But here are rundowns on those I've been to, many towards or in Newark. If you've been to a few, maybe comparing your experiences with mine would give you an idea where my tastes lie and help with the decision:

      * Maharaja, up on Kirkwood -- my favorite, as far as the food goes. Opened less than a year ago. Definitely the best buffet. They have dinner buffets Tuesday (vegetarian) and Thursday (meats & kabobs), although if you're going with anyone veg there is more than enough on Thursday nights to fill the plate three times over. You get free dosas, too, if you ask. The atmosphere is pretty standard, though.

      * Palace of Asia, also pretty new. Good lunch buffet, but the food was even better when I ordered dinner from the menu. A bit pricier than the other places, but worth it. Especially if you atmosphere is important -- they've put some thought into the decor and it looks much nicer than any other indian restaurant I've ever been to.

      * Taste of India, on Kirkwood, near the YMCA. I've had the lunch buffet twice. It's ok; nothing that really stood out.

      * Star of India, on UD campus on Elkton Rd. The buffet is a little queasy; I've had better luck ordering off of the menu. But unless you live on campus, it's not worth seeking out.

      * There's also one up 202 just south of the Brandywine shopping center in a strip mall off of Naaman's Rd. Yechh. Very greasy and very fried. Maybe it was an off-day, but I wouldn't give it a second try. Can't even remember the name.

      1. Thanks for your help. As it turned out, we didn't wind up an at Indian place at all, but plan to go to Palace of Asia very soon.

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          Palace of Asia on Kirkwood for dinner was awesome! Excellent Indian food! Will definitely go back.

        2. I have tried most of the places mentioned in this thread and find that the range of quality is modest, that is, there are some differences, but they are more similar than they are different and it depends on the dish. I probably eat at Nirvana most frequently, mainly because it is the most convenient for me. I would put it toward the top end of the narrow range.

          There is another place on Kirkwood called Himalaya that is also OK.

          1. Ifound a bug in my curry at the India Grille on Naanmans Road, at the PA end of rt202.
            It will be a while before I eat Indian again at all, but if i do, it will be Maharaja near Newark.