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Jul 20, 2006 01:53 AM

Steffie's Caribbean Restaurant (Tacoma)

We just got back from Steffie's Caribbean Restaurant (next to, yes, the Hooters off I-5) and I think this is a true Chowhound destination. Curried goat with a slice of plantain, cinnamon-spiced peas (beans) and rice, some of the most peppery jerk chicken we've tasted, and v. generous portions. They also do tofu and salmon in various grilled Caribbean variations (jerk, etc.), which we didn't try. But what we had was amazing. We had to stop ourselves from cleaning our plates and were only consoled by the thought of taking the leftovers home.

I think this place ranks up there with Asado as one of my favorite Tacoma restaurants, and with Paseo up in Seattle as some of my favorite Caribbean food in the Northwest.

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  1. I agree - it's got pretty good food and the prices are reasonable. Steffie's did Taste of Tacoma this year and we stopped but they were unorganized and kept people waiting for long times. Too bad. The food is good - if you can find a parking spot with all the Hooter's crowd.

    1. I agree about the food. I loved the goat as well, but the drinks there will put you under the table. Great staff, great setting, need a better location. Worth the Hooter's parking fight.

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        Say, folks, can you tell me whether Steffie's prepares a roti worth having?