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Jul 20, 2006 01:53 AM

Bluebird Cafe - Culver City

Had a wonderful croque madame there today. This is just a very simple cafe on National Blvd. but they obviously care about the details.

A nice little patio, good iced tea, and beautifully ripe tomatoes and fresh fruit on the plate with the sandwich. The sandwich, btw, was excellent. Good Mornay sauce, good bread, good prosciutto. Also, it was just the right size and not vulgarly oversized for such a relatively rich item. The only small issue I had was that the beautifully cooked egg was a bit too firm for my taste. Don't know if that was a mistake or their chosen style. In any case, I'll ask for it runnier, next time.

Looks like a very nice place for breakfast or lunch if you're in the area. Lunch would be about traditional sandwiches and pannini.

I only found it because it was on J. Gold's list of 99 essential L.A. restaurants. Highly recommended.

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  1. I really like this place too. All their sandwiches are excellent, especially the grilled Veggie... truly tasty sammich!! Their cupcakes are also EXCELLENT!! :)


    1. Is this place near Surfas?? How do the sandwiches compare to Surfas?? I will definitely have to give bluebird a try =). Thanks for the suggestion.

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        The Sandwiches are very similar to Surfas with more selection. But I adore both! :)


      2. MM..yes, good flat-pressed sandwiches, that all come with a baby greens salad.

        I love the cupcakes, too - red velvet and carrot cake are favorites. Tasty raisin-nut bread, too.

        1. I LOVE Bluebird Cafe. My wife told me about what a great meal she had there, and I've been back there twice with her. Great pressed sandwiches, and the cupcakes are indeed fantastic. I admit to going gaga over Sprinkles when it opened, but it is no match for Bluebird's cupcakes.

          The owners are really nice as well. Try to go in the later part of the afternoon when it's not so crowded; the service can be hit-or-miss during peak lunch hours.

          I HIGHLY recommend the place.