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Jul 20, 2006 01:46 AM

Sacramento w/ young children

My family -- including two kids under 5 -- will be staying one night in Sacramento this month on our way to a family reunion. Our hotel is off the 99 at Stockton Blvd. Can anyone recommend restaurants in the area that have good food and are informal enough for kids? We don't mind driving about 15 minutes or so for a good experience. Any type of cuisine reccs are welcomed.

Thanks for any help you can give!

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  1. Which hotel will you be staying at? Stockton Blvd is a pretty long street, and unfortunately most of it is not too safe at night. There are lots of Vietnamese, Mexican, and Chinese restaurants in the area.

    1. That is not a great neighborhood...I know exactly where it is. I used to live down there. La Favorita Taqueria for sure! Excellent Mexican fare. It's on Florin, right off of Stockton. Love that place.

      Also..for great BBQ, Joshua's Ribs on Stockton and's right next to the gas station there.

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        1. We'll be staying near the Mack Road exit. Dimsumgirl, thank you for your offer, but we won't be out after dark so I'm not worried. Although now that I know it's not a nice area, we'll probably end up getting takeout and eating in the room. Thanks for the suggestions and any others!

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            I am glad that you are aware of the area and its potential dangers. If you are looking for takeout, melly's suggestion of La Favorita is a good one. Also, off of the Florin Road exit at 65th Street, there are a number of good vietnamese restaurants that have excellent take-out at reasonable prices. For more mainstream eating, you can go south on 99 and get off at Laguna/ Bond exit in Elk Grove. If you go to the left(East), you will find Mikuni (sushi), Dos Coyotes (Mexican), Paesano's (Italian), and Panera Bread (sandwiches, salads). Or if you go to the west, there is an Inn and Out Burgers, Spaghetti Factory, Mimi's, Macaroni Grill and Chili's. All are kid friendly and easy take-out spots. HAve a good time!

          2. You guys are being a little bit alarmist. Plenty of people who live in this area go out to eat all the time, even (gasp) after dark! Don't hide in your room, Stockton Blvd is the best street in Sac for varied, authentic ethnic cuisine. Take the Florin Rd. exit and you will have your pick of Mexican, Vietnamese or if you want a great southern-style breakfast or a stellar club sandwich go to the Stagecoach (4365 Florin Rd, Sacramento)