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Jul 20, 2006 01:36 AM

hazelnut gelato?

Can anyone recommend a place for a good hazelnut gelato, something like the true Italian versions?

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  1. The version at Gelateria is good. Unfortunately, the quality of the other flavours there aren't nearly as high.

    Definitely look into the version at Athan's (several of the other flavours tend to be on the weak side, without the intensity one expects from gelati).

    Also worth seeking out is the version at Napoli Pastry; their gelati is imported from Italy and they seem to supply a number of places e.g. Joey's Gelateria in Qunicy Market.

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    1. re: limster

      The imported gelati is available in a number of locations -- La Luna in Central Sq, Cafe Paradiso for the flavors they don't make, Caffe Feliciano in Medford. I think La Groceria uses the same supplier too. The 1/3 size containers are made out of paper with a foil covering and you can also tell it by the texture. I think most of these have the hazelnut and its one of the better imported versions. Napoli has the advantage of much higher turnover.

      I personally prefer the in-house gelato made at Paradiso. I can't vouch for the North End or Lowell, but the long-time gelato maker for the Harvard Sq location recently returned and when I was there a month ago it was excellent again.

      1. re: limster

        I concur with both parts of this recommendation, that the hazelnut at the Gelateria is outstanding -- certainly the best I've ever had -- and that the other flavors I've tried there have been wanting. Their stuff really tends to be far too sweet, especially in the non-fruit flavors.

      2. I had a sinful version at the Woburn Wholefoods, last week..They carry some version from Italy. I had giandjuila (sp?), the basic chocolate was pretty good. I usually think the best is Athans's, as well. If they have the yogurt flavor, go for it.

        1. Not gelato, but I just enjoyed a scoop of hazelnut from Toscannini's. Tasted just like nutella:).

          1. I second Napoli Pastry. If anyone ever asks me where to get good dessert/gelato, fuhgettabout Mike's or the Gelateria. The Lobster Tail is sooooooo delish.