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Jul 20, 2006 01:26 AM

Sunday lunch/brunch near MET

Hi all,

We'll be visting NYC next weekend and have designated Sunday as the "Met Day". Might arrive in am, then want to get lunch somewhere and return for the afternoon. So I was hoping for something within walking distance.
We are interested in something slightly upscale. I have celiac disease, which means i cannot eat any wheat... I know bummer- no bagels, pasta, etc...
So any recommendations within walking distance on Sunday near the Met? No buffet brunches (too risky- wheat contamination). What about he options within the Met? Any opinions?


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  1. You could look into the menu at Cafe Sabarsky nearby - I seem to remember that they have some lovely salads - though seeing, but not being able to eat, the pastries may be too painful.

    1. i agree about cafe sabarsky in the neue galerie. they have excellent sandwiches and pastries.

      another good spot is e.a.t., on madison btwn 80th and 81st. the bread there is delicious, and you can get sandwiches, soups, salads, hot dishes, caviar, etc. it can get a little pricey, but it's a nice spot. you can see the menu here:

      1. Here are the dining options inside the Met:

        We haven't tried the table service restaurant since it moved to its current location. However, we had lunch a number of times in its previous location and always found the food to be well-prepared and very tasty.

        1. We were very pleased with brunch at the Petrie Court Cafe (see link above). I think they will take reservations, but we didn't need them at 11:30 one Sunday (but the line was out the door by 12:30). It was in April so I can't quite remember what we ate but all the food, wine and desserts were really good. It's a quiet retreat from the crowds with views of the park, highly recommend it.
          A drink on the roof is fun, too.

          By the way, you will get the most out of the Met if you get there when it opens and decide ahead of time what areas of art you want to see. It can be overwhelming. The Egyptian stuff gets crowded really fast.

          1. Went for drinks at the roof top recently - v. disappointing - plastic glasses, lousy cocktails - high prices for same. View is wonderful though - and free - thought about slipping in my own cocktail shaker next time.