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Best Steak Place in Dallas for business

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I'm coming to Dallas in the next couple of months and need to take a few people out to a great dinner. They want a steak place. Which one(s) is the best and why? Prefer something local, but I know the chains can be good, too. Thanks for any help.

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  1. I'm a III Forks fan. Might be too far out north depending on where you are staying.

    But it's big and bold like Texas' reputation. The space is stunning both in size and style, the service is polished and the food is excellent.

    1. I have heard good things about Bob's Steak & Chop House. High end national chain.

      1. Here are my recs:

        Al Biernat's
        4217 Oak Lawn Ave.
        Phone: 214-219-2201
        Although not a classic steakhouse, food and service is always consistent even for non-regulars. Good scene.

        Bob's Steak & Chop House
        4300 Lemmon Ave
        Phone: 214-528-9446
        One of the first mucho macho steakhouses in Dallas. Still has a strong following but the place can be noisy.

        Pappas Bros. Steakhouse
        10477 Lombardy Lane
        Phone: 214-366-2000
        An excellent steakhouse made so by a very successful restaurant family. Won't disappoint but is pricey.

        2911 Routh St
        Phone: 214-871-9991

        An "Al Biernat's/Bob's Steak & Chop House" starter kit. Can have their good days and bad days. Room is not particularly inviting.

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        1. With the exception of Perry's, they're all too loud, especially Al Biernat's. It's no place to carry on a conversation and the tables are very tightly packed together. For layout, Perry's is a better choice.


          1. I love Texas (family's been here since 1842), but I find III Forks tacky and the food not that special (what I do still remember is their creamed corn). Of that family of restaurants, prefer the Silver Fox as it's slightly more subtle. I've always thought III Forks' tagline should be something like 'fine dinin' for rednecks' ;)

            I've had memorable steak at Nana (under a former chef) and Iris (not of course steak restaurants). I also think Saltgrass has perfectly nice steak, though this wouldn't be the restaurant for your purposes. Saltgrass is where I usually go with friends when I get that "it's been too long since I've had a big hunk of red meat" craving ;)

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              Saltgrass definitely does not meet the needs of the original post--just a notch above Outback in my opinion.

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                Not a fan of Outback, but agreed on the rest ... that's what I meant by "though this wouldn't be the restaurant for your purposes."

                I have actually been to Traildust with out of town business visitors who insisted on taking the recommendation of a coworker because they wanted to experience "real Texas steak." Of course anyplace with real Texas steak has a real Texas giftshop where you can buy real Texas souvenirs ;) Now there's a place that makes Saltgrass look appropriately sophisticated ... what I remember most was all the screaming kids.

            2. Well, there's business, and then there's BUSINESS! If you're looking for an expense account resturant, the kind where you can easily go through $5,000 on just wine, then Pappas Bros. is your place.

              Silver Fox is nice for food, but it's a little less formal (but much friendlier on the wallet--without taking a hit on the palate).

              What about Del Frisco's? It's a bit up north (don't know where you'll be), but we've never had a bad meal there.

              And also up in that neck of the woods is Chamberlains, which has also never failed to disappoint.

              Or, just search the steakhouses listings at www.guidelive.com for more info.


              1. i'm with the toast: pappas is #1

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                  Pappas Bros, Bob's, Al Beirnat's and Chamberlain's are all fine. I really enjoy the bustle of Bob's on Lemmon (although I think the side large carrot is sorta goofy) but all are very competent. Also, although a small chain, Capital Grill never disappoints. I regularly eat there before Mavericks games at the bar and have never had a bad meal. Friends I have taken there inevitably want to return.

                2. I'm going to have to go with Nick & Sam's or The Palms. I have never had anything less than a great meal/experience at either. Great food, great atmospheres, great wine lists, awesome service!

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                    I have been a Palm fan for years, but the last time I went to The Palm in Dallas, I had a less than stellar experience. I ordered their smallest strip steak and left two-thirds of it on my plate because it was overcooked, coated in butter and the exterior was gray. My wife's fllet tasted "off." and she left most of it too. The cottage fries arrived soggy and lukewarm, as if they had been made ahead of time. Our server and the assistant manager both were apologetic and offered us dessert, but we declined and decided it was one of those "lessons learned."

                  2. Re: The Palm. DON'T DO IT!

                    The last time we went to the Palm in the West End, it was awful! The butterflied steak had the appearance and texture of saddle leather and while dessert was comp'd, they unintentionally did us a bigger favor as it was terrible as well so we didn't feel bad not eating it!

                    Somebody mentioned Nick & Sam's? Lovely place! A little loud, be a great building, good wines, decent atmosphere, "caviar cart", and so you really get a "special restaurant" experience out of it.

                    That's my vote; if only to people watch at the valet line and as they check in their furs (which you probably won't see at this time of year).

                    1. For business, I'd really look at Perry's. It has an intimate feel I don't get at the other places mentioned here.

                      While I like Bob's, Nick & Sam's and Al's, they're so darn loud! It's hard to have a conversation on a busy night. III Forks is a zoo; I agree it's tacky. Pappas Bros is swell but just exhaustingly grandiose.

                      Chamberlain's is very nice, if you don't mind the trek to Addison.

                      1. As you go in to Perry's, don't step down to the left towards the bar, but go past the hostess stand and through to the main dining room. Take a right, and there's sort of a corridor lined with these great booths; ideal for business chat.

                        Oh, and have the BBQ Shrimp starter as it's very, very good, and not at all what you'd expect (not too BBQ-ey).


                        1. I would say III Forks is a good bet. I've always had good experiences there.

                          1. Pappas is hard to beat and, yes, it is pricey.

                            1. Thanks to everyone for the great input. Certainly a lot to choose from. Thanks again.