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Indian Food in London

I will be in Hyde Park/Mayfair next month and was looking for best Indian food in the City. Price or travel distance no object. I just want the Best London has to offer. P.S. I am not fond of the search engine on the new chowhound site so I am asking for your help in my dilema.

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  1. You're going to get all sorts of suggestions.. plus people telling you there is no such thing as real 'Indian' food. Everyone has their own favorites. You'll get lots of names so the research will be up to you. Amaya, The Cinnamon Club, Bombay Brasserie (does a good buffet - check for days and times), Chutney Mary, Zaika, and Benares. The choice is yours...

    P.S. I agree about the search engine!

    1. I guess my first question is what you define as the "best". If you want posh curry then Zuriga1 has listed most if not all of the fanciest establishments save one, The Red Fort, which I am partial to.

      If you want to get a real Indian experience then head to Brick Lane where you will get what I feel is excellent authentic curry at an affordable price.

      1. In my experience most of the Brick Lane restaurants are very standard commercial British curries. Tooting has some excellent restaurants including some from South India. The one I know and love is Kastoori. The owners come from East Africa.
        More centrally, Woodlands is good: south Indian.

        1. Personal favorite, at the moment, is Amaya.

          1. DON'T go to Brick Lane under any circumstances. You want the Lahore Kabab House in Umberton Street which is off Commercial Road E1.

            Don't argue just go there!

            1. It has to be Chutney Mary's (535 Kings Road, Chelsea, London) - try the sampler menu - absolutely fabulous
              Otherwise try Hason Raja (Southampton Row, Holborn, London) - this was my local restaurant and I think it is one of the better ones in London.

              1. The Observer Food Monthly had top curries, as picked by the chef at Bennares last weekend - and Lahore Kebab House was number one. I agree. Great for norther dishes, and dirt cheap.


                1. oh dear.

                  lahore kebab house has been fined at least a couple of times in the last few years for failing to meet hygiene standards.


                  if thats your shtick, new tayyabs around the corner in fieldgate street is better and cleaner.

                  also, michelin be damned, the great cooks of india are - hold your breath - its moms. anybody crass enough to pander to a 'best curry' article ought to be forced to eat lamb pasanda for the rest of their life. kochar knows well that 'curry' means gravy and no one in their right mind ever talks of going to get a gravy. its purely a british invention, at about the same level as deep fried mars bars.

                  1. I'm not an expert on curry in London, but when I was there at a friend's place - near Brick Lane - we went there and the haggling is ridiculous, but we ended up at a place called Salique's - everything was pretty good - but the saag paneer was the best I've ever had.

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                      I've been to Salique's a couple of times and have always had an enjoyable experience. Low pressure. Decent food. I definitely know how people feel about Brick Lane on this board, but living in the general vicinity, sometimes there's nothing better than a Sunday afternoon walk through Spitalfields, over to the Sunday Up Market, and into one of the locales. I tend to ignore the hawks, purely because they're so annoying.

                      Brick Lane and Chowhound's reaction to Brick Lane have got me thinking though--when is someone going to wise-up and open a truly fantastic, decently priced, wonderful service type of place (with clean toilets and good music)? Now there's a gap that's waiting to be filled!

                    2. proclaiming expertise on 'curry in london' is like proclaiming expertise on muzak.

                      1. I had such a great time in P.O.S.H. indian restaurant in Southampton with my friends last saturday. Relaxing music, very friendly atmosphere. With its chic bar and laid-back service, food was exellent, everybody loved it. We didn't even had to go anywere else after as DJ was there at 10pm and few minutes after a Dance floor was full of people dancing and enjoying themselves. We couldn't stop eating during short breaks trying to have our energy back and then back to dancing again.
                        I will recomend P.O.S.H. to everybody who loves great food, appreciates good service and wonts to have great time and lots of fan.

                        1. Brick Lane is pretty rank....I'd go to Indian Zing which is way out in Hammersmith but is excellent and a so much cheaper than Benares, Amaya etc and it is very good and smart. Also Agni also in King Street Hammersmith tiny but excellent and very cheap - the guys in both are helpful and friendly and they are both totally unpretensious and reasonably priced but with excellent food!

                          1. I would avoid Brick Lane too.
                            Cinnamon Club is good but very formal
                            I like Veeraswamy for posh indian, lovely flavours, great decor
                            I had one of the worse meals I have ever had in London at Red Fort, very overpriced too

                            Soho Spice has some interesting flavous and fairly cheap

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                              cinammon club is downright nasty and has nothing to do with the cuisine of the sub-continent.

                            2. most high street Indians are pretty good. It's knowing what to order.

                              1. You know, there's a pretty decent converted pub in NW9 called the Tandoor. It's a bit out there but the Time Out Best of Guide says it's good. And to give them credit, it wasn't too bad and pretty authentic.