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Jul 20, 2006 01:06 AM

Tasty Cheesesteak near Aramark Building in Philly?


I am coming in for a meeting tommorrow at the Aramark Building and will be done shortly before lunch. Will take a cab back to the train station but thought i could grab a cheesesteak. Love Jim's but i am not sure how close that is.....

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
NYC Hound

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  1. Jims not close but IMHO avoid Rick's in the Reading Terminal Market. They fry their steaks in WATER! Well it loooks like water - but every one I talk to finds dissapointing.

    That said, you are a block from RTM and - unless you HAVE to have a cheesesteak - I'd suggest you go to DiNics in RTM and get a Roast POrt with Sharp Provolone (and maybe greens). I've sent folks there for years and never a complaint.

    Then follow it with a dish of ice cream from Bassetts. You'll get the true Philly experience and never have to walk more than a block from the ARAMARK Tower.


    1. I second the Roast Pork from DiNic's. It is one of the best sandwiches in Philly, which is saying a lot for a great sandwich city. It is also probably the most convenient place to get good food near the Aramark building.

      Another great RTM sandwich is a hoagie from Salumeria. There are a lot of options, but the Italian Hoagie with all the fixin's is my favorite.

      1. I like the steaks from Rick's better than Pat's or Geno's (and much better that Jim's Steaks) but I would choose the roast pork sandwich from DiNic's (must have greens and provolone...and don't get the "pulled's not as good) any day over any cheesesteak. Also agree that Bassett's s great along with Fisher's soft pretzels.

        1. you won't go wrong at the Reading Terminal Market. Try the rotisserie chicken at Diener's in the Amish section of the market. it is the best anywhere, and follow it up with a pretzel from Fisher's.

          1. Thanks everyone!

            I had to leave early this morning so i could not take all of your suggestions.
            I choose Ric's just based on time.

            I had a cheesesteak hoagie with whiz and sweet peppers.
            I must say i was skeptical about the steak "steaming" but boy was it tasty. I usually eat half a sandwhich but this was so good i indulged!
            I have been to gino's, pat's and jim's. This is the best so far IMHO. The meat is not chopped up it is more meaty i feel for some reason. The flavor was perfect.

            I will try the chicken, ice cream and pretzel next time.

            Again thanks for your suggestions

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              >I will try the chicken, ice cream and pretzel next time.

              Again thanks for your suggestions <

              You missed the BIG votes - The Pork at DiNic's <g>

              Sorry you get the answers in time.