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Jul 20, 2006 12:54 AM

One day and night in LA for Boston hound

I will be in LA at the end of August for one full day and night and would appreciate any recs for fairly cheap breakfast, lunch, and dinner, suggestions. I will be staying somewhere near Hollywood but will have a car. I know this request is unbelievably general but I will appreciate any suggestions, thanks in advance.

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  1. Well, for my birthday celebration this year, a friend, whose birthday is a few days before mine, decided we would return to A.O.C. on 3rd St., just east of Crescent Hts., and celebrate it there. Great choice, as much for the food and ambiance as well as the meeting of the couple seated next to us from Vermont, who like you only had one day in town, as they were in San Diego for a convention and needed a one day break. We ended up taking the table for the whole night, sharing all wines, food, desserts, etc.
    In ensuing emails back and forth, the highlight of their entire California trip was meeting Laura and me, and sharing stories, food and good times.
    It truly is a wonderful restaurant for light dining, great wine tasting, and btw is #1-rated in the Z survey, fwtw! 323.653.6359 is the phone number, and you need to make reservations at least 2 weeks ahead. will add any more info that I have not included.
    ps - Not far from Hollywood either.

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      AOC if definitly not cheap by ANY means. Not even "fairly cheap." I'm not sure if the OP was looking for just a cheap breakfast or cheap breakfast, cheap lunch, and cheap dinner. Heck, if they are going to spend money in the price range of AOC then, that opens another door!

    2. For lunch, you may consider going to the LA Farmer's Market on Fairfax (it's a complex rather than a weekly food stall). Two of the cafes, Lotteria and Banana Leaf are fairly well thought of on this board. Reasonable prices. And be sure to go to Littlejohn's for English Toffee (though in this weather, I don't think it will travel well).

      Dommy! had a couple good write ups recently about the Farmer's Market that you should be able to search with the excellent, new CH search engine.

      Other ideas are: East LA for Mexican, specifically fish tacos at Tacos Baja Ensenada (lots on this board about that).

      Or Korean food, interesting ethnic Chinese that isn't prevalent in New England, or maybe you'd like to check out the beach? If any of these piques your interest, let us know.

      1. Since you are in Hollywood, I would go to Thai Town (which is a neighborhood) and go to Ruen Pair. Very well priced, Get papaya salad, pad thai, and shrimp cakes. A lot of food for 1 person. Zankou chicken is also in Hollywood, as is Roscoe's. Oh, and the Griddle Cafe is open for breakfast. the'r specialty is pancakes. Finally, you MUST go Mashti Malones Ice Cream. Very unique persian flavors. Check them all out!

        AOC, mentioned above, is expensive and far away from hollywood.

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        1. re: young_chower

          If 10 minutes is far away, I guess you are right.

          1. re: carter

            Opps.... my sincere apologies. I thought AOC was on 3rd street in Santa Monica, not 3rd street in LA. Still too expensive though for what the poster wants.

            1. re: young_chower

              Yep, two people,2-3 glasses of wine, something to eat... it's at leat $100 at A.O.C.

        2. //If 10 minutes is far away, I guess you are right.//

          Young Chower; to a Bostonian, ten minutes by car is a LONG way. If we can't walk there, it's a hike.

          1. I'll have to second those "Farmer's Market" suggestions. In the FM itself, there are many joints that will cover all three meals. However, for some variety in scenery (since you're from Boston) head over to the westside for dinner and try a burger at Father's Office. Great beer, great burger, good looking young crowd (if you're interested), and relatively cheap.