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Jul 20, 2006 12:41 AM

Restaurant in Scarborough - Eastern Twist

Following a read of a review on from the radio section.

We ventured out to Scaraborough to try this restaurant. It is a restaurant that has dishes from Burma, India, Iran, Guyana, and Pakistan. It serves good homestyle food. What drew my attention in particular and to make the 30 minute drive (60 min in rush hour traffic)...Khaw-Sway. Khaw-Sway is Burmese noodles in curry cream coconut milk soup. My mother used to make this when I was growing up but has cut back...mmmm mmm good. Sadia's (proprietor) Khaw-Sway is terrific.

My wife and I had the reviewed items as one was a must try. The Khaw-Sway was as stated above. The second item we shared was the paratha wrap w. butter chicken. Very good to me. It's more of a take-out joint but there are 3 small tables which you can eat in at. Sadia if there may chat you up a little but very friendly and helpful and informative.

Anyways, we'll be back soon to try the kebabs and rice dishes. To bad it does more of a lunch/daytime business but we'll make sure to make it for dinner before they close.

Eastern Twist
501 Passmore Ave, Unit 17
Tues - Thurs 1130h - 1900h
Fri - Sat 1130h - 2000h

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  1. How far out, and how do you get there? It sounds great.

    1. This place is incredible. The Toronto Star had a review of this place 3-4 months ago. The food is excellent and slightly different than anything I have tasted before as it combines the ingredients from all places mentioned above. The staff is great as they are willing to spend lots of time to explain exactly how each dish is prepared and to provide suggestions on what extras (veggies, sauces etc) go best with each dish. Just ask them how they would prepare it if they were making it for themselves

      I am looking at the menu right now and highly recommend the beef and potato wrap. The butter chicken wrap (as mentioned) is also very good. They make the paratha wrap fresh each time someone orders a wrap. Lastly, the coconut rice (meal, not side dish) is very tasty.

      Location is as follows...Passmore ave is One block south of steeles and runs between Middlefield and Markham.

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        jeff75, thanks for the recommend on the beef+potato wrap. Very good.

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          the St. Clair loc. open on friday & saturday until 2:oo a:m

      2. Oh, the wraps are a good size. They are about 10 inches or so and a good heft. Thanks for the heads up on the beef+potato...that's on my next order then.

        It's way out there.

        Good news is that they are working on 2nd location at Bathurst and St. Clair. They are targetting end of August for the opening.

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          1. I'm wondering, what kind of vegetarian stuff do they have?

            1. re: jennjen18

              Perusing their menu.

              Potato curry (wrap and maybe as a main)
              Khaw-Sway (it comes with just the gravy/soup or with chicken or beef)...not sure of the stock base used for the gravy/soup. They do put a cut hard boiled egg on it, I think in all versions.
              Vegetable Curry (main with rice, fries, or paratha)

              Mango Shake
              Mint Julep

              Can't relay any personal experience on the above but I can imagine just munching on a paratha and drinking a mango shake.

              Good chowing.

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