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Jul 20, 2006 12:33 AM

Satturday night dinner in FQ

Need suggestions for dinner; we like seafood. Had a wonderful dinner a month ago at GWFins. What should we try next?

Also brunch or breakfast suggestions for Sunday morning.

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  1. Brigsten's for dinner(the seafood dinner I hear is to die for) and Brennan's for brunch.
    My 2 cents

    1. Broussard's has great seafood (don't get any meat dishes). Anything in bold type, which is their specialty, is what to order. Start with the Oysters Broussard then the Pompano Broussard which has one of the best fish sauces in town. And they have delicious desserts.
      Just out the Quarter is RioMar which is an Argentine restaurant specializing in fish and it is now a big local favorate. Real good, different dishes. Their sister restaurant is La Boca located nearby with just meat dishes--some of the best steak in town.

      1. Rio Mar is actually a Spanish/Latin American restaurant. Argentina is not much of a fish or seafood cuisine. At lunch, the menu is mainly Spanish tapas. For dinner, they add more Latin American dishes, some traditional and some more creative.

        The new place, La Boca, is the Argentine steak house.

        1. Brigsten's - we were totally disappointed. We were there on Friday, 6/30. I had the seafood platter and my hubby had the trout. My drum and his trout were overcooked and kind of burnt. We did not like the sauces on the fish. Crabcakes on my platter were okay. Shrimp cake was good. My husband a bowl of gumbo (good) and the bisque (okay). Frank's version of shrimp remoulade was not to my liking. I guess Frank was having a bad night. We will not go back as there are so many other good places to eat in N.O. and Brigsten's is not on the beaten path.

          P.S. The service was excellent.