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Jul 20, 2006 12:32 AM

SPITZ in Eagle Rock

Finally tried my first Doner Kebab at Spitz, a very cute little place! The menu is very basic, 4 kinds of kebabs, served as lavosh rolls or on a kind of panini like bread. All veggies on sandwich were super fresh and the dill sauce was great!

The guys working (possibly the owners?) were super friendly and answered all my questions. I got a Chicken Doner Kebab, side of sweet potato fries and a drink for $10 even incl. tax.

The sweet potato fries were some of the best I had, thin and crispy.

OH, and I couldn't leave without some gelato. They said they get it from a place in San Francisco, supposed to be the best in the US. It was ultra creamy and the strawberry was busting with fruit.

You have to really be in the mood for what they serve because there isn't much variety, but I could definitely see myself going just for a side of those sweet potato fries!

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  1. I'm sure the food is fine, but jeez, talk about a place that doesn't know what it wants to be! doner kebabs, panini and gelato, sweet potato fries? if you're going to be an ethnic specialty shop, pick one culture and stick with it. or else call yourself a diner.

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      1. re: atomichorseradish

        Indeed. Doesn't the website list "locations" although they just opened?

      2. Do not stray too far from that location, as homemade pastrami, and some of the best potato fries will be coming your way within 30 days when the Oinkster opens about 5 blocks away, and across the street. Eagle Rock may become known as the headquarters of potato fries, regular or sweet potato.
        And for dessert, maybe a Boylan's root beer float?!!!

        1. My Spitz experience:
          First time: Out of kebabs

          Second time: Open, but not serving because they were installing an air conditioner

          Third time: Closed on Mondays

          Ended up at the Middle Eastern place on Eagle Rock in the Sav-on/Super A shopping center. In spite of the blackout Monday night, they still were serving. Very nice food, nice people, and VERY reasonable.

          1. I went a few weeks after it opened. I went with a Turkish friend who was very skeptical of the place. We had the regular doner kabob sandwich. We both agreed that it was above average. His comment was that it would have been better if the Americans who opened it had gone to Turkey to learn to make it rather than Spain or Germany.
            I would go back though.

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            1. re: oro3030

              Doner Kebabs are not supposed to be like Turkish Kebabs. The history of the European version of this Kebab is on the Spitz site. It's a very specific style of serving the Kebab meats.

              1. re: annalulu

                I think my friend was mostly kidding - I should have conveyed that better in my post.

                1. re: annalulu

                  they are tasty.
                  the site is odd stating that the "modern" Döner kebab was invented in germany. There are plenty of 21st century turks, all modern and whatnot, eating doner kebab in Turkey, as well as iskender kebab and a WHOLE variety. Döner comes from the word meaning to turn so it's really just Gyros (greek for turning) or shawarma - all ottoman. That said, the wikipedia article on it mentions the way the german Döner is accomodated in Turkey.

                  1. re: Jerome

                    I think the distinction has more to do with the condiments (cabbage, sauces, etc.) than the meat itself.