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Outdoor Eating?

I'm looking for recommendations for a restaurant or bar with a nice outdoor eating (garden or patio) area for a friend's birthday. There will be about 8 of us on a week night. Anywhere in Cambridge, Boston, or Somerville would be ideal. We're looking for a little oasis (like Oleana's patio but not as expensive) in the city as opposed to sitting on a sidewalk next to traffic.

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  1. How about the garden at Casa Romero in the Back Bay?


    1. B & G has that little patio in the back.

      1. There's an article in today's Calendar on outdoor dining, haven't read it yet. MC SlimJB gave a list of places that I saved but who knows where I stuck it.

        1. Do you want to people watch or are you looking for subtle outdoor surroundings?
          The article in the Globe Calendar appears well researched and is worth a look.
          For me the choice is easy, Armani Cafe for great food, service and people watching; Dante for subtle outdoor, great food and people watching.

          1. Pardon:
            Armani Cafe for great food, service and people watching; Dante for subtle outdoor, great food and great service.

            1. hi,

              here are some great choices for you to consider:

              dante in cambridge
              casa romero in Boston
              sophia's grotto in Roslindale
              atasca in cambridge
              chart house restaurant in Boston
              red fez in the South End **
              hungry I in Beacon Hill (pricey)

              1. I'm not a huge fan of the food at Casa Romero, but the outdoor area is very nice.

                1. You could call Trattoria Pulcinella and see if they are serving on their patio (and could accomodate your party), although their prices are not far from Oleana.

                  If Conundrum in Harvard Sq is making full use of the Iruna space, they probably also have a patio.

                  Both of these would be tucked away from the street.

                  1. Possibly the back patio at Audubon but 8 might be pushing it. I think they have mostly 4 tops in the back.

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                      I was thinking the same thing...but if you don't mind pushing a couple of tables together it's a nice casual spot. They have always been accomodating about moving tables around inside, so I'd imagine you could do it outside as well.

                    2. Devlins in Brighton has a great outdoor patio behind the restaurant. You would never know that it was there but there are cute umbrella tables, a waterfall and little tiki lights. The food is pretty good too.

                      1. I'll interpret your geographical limits broadly and suggest Ashmont Grill in Dorchester -- it has a really nice and spacious patio out back. They have heaters (probably not needed right now) so it's still nice on cooler nights and into the fall. Nice bar (inside) and good food, reasonable prices, although portions can be a bit petite. There should be plenty of reviews here with more detail on the food if you do a search.

                        1. Although the Red Fez has a cool outdoor patio, I would avoid this place. It's really gone downhill.

                          1. Hammersleys's has a great patio. I have eaten many a nights there. Problem is, as with many other restaurants, they don't take reservations for outdoor seating and eight people makes it all the more difficult. Either you come before the 7/7:30 rush or after. Tremont Street can be so entertaining. On the other hand, the Roman and I drove past ES (Eastern Standard)tonight and there were plenty a'tables available outside. One thing in your favor is that you are looking for a week night. Please let us know what you have decided.