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Any Cajun/Creole restaurants in the East Bay?

Short of having gumbo at Dorsey's Locker or some other soul food joint, are there any Cajun/Creole restaurants in Berkeley/Oakland or nearby? Angeline's is not open yet.

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  1. I haven't been there for years and the gumbo doesn't compare to the homemade, but the Gingerbread House on Fifth (you can see it off BART with all kinds of curley ques off the roof!) is pretty good. Here's the website: http://www.tjsgingerbread.com/tjsdin....


    1. No, no, no. Stay away from that place, it's awful. Any faint resemblance to Cajun would be purely accidental. I know of none currently.

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        Which place? Gingerbread House, Dorsey's Locker, or La Bayou?

      2. I haven't been inside but have passed by La Bayou Cajun & Creole 3278 Adeline Street in Berkeley. Maybe someone can chime in with any experiences.

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          I live around there & I don't know the story about this place but my impression is that someone bought the place & never changed the decor or the name.
          I was in there awhile ago..probably a year or so when I moved into the area. The po'boy ..there was nothing resembling a po'boy when I got it..it looked like it came on a hotdog bun. My girls ended up getting a burger & onion rings..onion rings tasted like Albertson's frozen onion rings.
          Red beans & rice ..ugh..looked & tasted like it came from a box.
          So I haven't been back since. I don't know what the food is like lately. The decor was cool..very New Orleans. Mural on the wall..mardi gras beads..etc. Hopefully it's gotten better. Maybe I'll stop in this weekend & see if it's improved.

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            Used to go there regularly, but the couple who opened L.A. Bayou sold out after they were both held up at gunpoint and sued by someone who tripped after they let her nuse their bathroom. I haven't been back there since. I may have to "settle" for Popeye's.

          1. I think it was bought by a Korean guy, who added BBQ and burritos to the menu.

            1. I haven't been to either place.. but how about one of the Louisiana Fried Chicken locations or Nellie's in Oakland?

              1. There's a restaurant that's supposed to open soon on Shattuck in Berkeley called Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen. It is where Long Life Noodle used to be. Does anyone have any other information about it?

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                  Looked at the menu walking by the other evening. Looked more Louisiana-inspired than hardcore Nawlins.

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                    Nah. My parents are from LA and I went to LSU for two years and believe me it's super New Orleans. I talked to the chef today and the main chef is from Baton Rouge and some of the staff is from Louisiana as well, and one of the owners (well he's from N. Caroline but's still the South). Remember there more food out there than just New Orleans, all parts of Southern Louisiana is Cajun country, where else can you get a Muffalatta with Zapps potato chips or real Au Jus just how it's suppose to be. You have to try the Muffalatta it's amazing. The place is suppose to open for dinner starting Monday, can't wait!

                2. Angeline's is open today, which is good because I had my heart set on Cajun food for a belated birthday dinner tonight (and it's just around the corner from my office.)

                  My meeting maker schedule for this p.m.:

                  3:30-6:59 Install eclipse on my boss' computer
                  7:00-? Eat Gumbo and po-boys.