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Jul 20, 2006 12:10 AM


I know of a lot of great Middle Eastern places in the city, but have yet to find a good one in Queens. Any suggestions?

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  1. I'm a fan of Pahal Zan on Forest Hills on 71st Ave. (closed on saturdays)

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    1. re: DaveS

      where exactly is Pahal Zan--what type of joint?

      1. re: abu applesauce

        On 71st Ave south of Austin by the LIRR station. Its an Israeli place. Very small, no tables. Though they have some counter space with stools. I don't usually get the falafel, I get the grilled chicken pita, which is awesome. I've had the falafel, and I recall it being pretty good though I'm not a regular falafel eater.

        1. re: DaveS

          thanks--i've definitely seen the place, neve tried it. "on the grill" on 67th and QB has excellent shwarma, fyi.

    2. hapisgah on union turnpike off main street has good babaghanoush. also "on the grill" on queens blvd and 67th or 66th (near parkside memorial chapels) is good.

      1. Mangal, Turkish place in Sunnyside makes them the best IMO.

        1. tanoreen in bay ridge is one of the best middle eastern restaurant's in the city.

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              i'll second el manara. their baba ganoush has attitude. kebabs are great. felafel and hummus are eh. it's not a sit down place, although there are a couple seats facing out the window.

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                Since El Manara closed over a year ago, I haven't found a good replacement for the Armenian style sandwiches. Until I finally tried the sandwiches from the back counter at El Shater in Sunnyside. I was completely skeptical about the sandwich and I don't even think the chicken was that great, but it had all the right accompaniments inside, like the pickled turnips, and the garlic sauce. El Shater even has soujuk on the menu, but when I asked for it, I was told they were out, which didn't surprise me. Until I get to LA for a chicken tarna sandwich from Zankou, this will probably be my place for something similar.