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I know of a lot of great Middle Eastern places in the city, but have yet to find a good one in Queens. Any suggestions?

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  1. I'm a fan of Pahal Zan on Forest Hills on 71st Ave. (closed on saturdays)

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      where exactly is Pahal Zan--what type of joint?

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        On 71st Ave south of Austin by the LIRR station. Its an Israeli place. Very small, no tables. Though they have some counter space with stools. I don't usually get the falafel, I get the grilled chicken pita, which is awesome. I've had the falafel, and I recall it being pretty good though I'm not a regular falafel eater.

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          thanks--i've definitely seen the place, neve tried it. "on the grill" on 67th and QB has excellent shwarma, fyi.

    2. hapisgah on union turnpike off main street has good babaghanoush. also "on the grill" on queens blvd and 67th or 66th (near parkside memorial chapels) is good.

      1. Mangal, Turkish place in Sunnyside makes them the best IMO.

        1. tanoreen in bay ridge is one of the best middle eastern restaurant's in the city.

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              i'll second el manara. their baba ganoush has attitude. kebabs are great. felafel and hummus are eh. it's not a sit down place, although there are a couple seats facing out the window.

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                Since El Manara closed over a year ago, I haven't found a good replacement for the Armenian style sandwiches. Until I finally tried the sandwiches from the back counter at El Shater in Sunnyside. I was completely skeptical about the sandwich and I don't even think the chicken was that great, but it had all the right accompaniments inside, like the pickled turnips, and the garlic sauce. El Shater even has soujuk on the menu, but when I asked for it, I was told they were out, which didn't surprise me. Until I get to LA for a chicken tarna sandwich from Zankou, this will probably be my place for something similar.

              2. El Rawsheh on Steinway St. in Astoria.

                1. Any love for El Shater on 43rd & 43rd? When I lived in Sunnyside it was my standby.

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                    I love El Shater, that's just what I was going to suggest. They are Lebanese.
                    There's also another Middle Eastern/European next door, and that coffee roaster place, Baruir's on Queens Blvd., but I still favor El Shater.
                    Steinway Street is excellent too, El Manara and it's neighbors northward.

                  2. Try Naomi's on Main Street near 69th Ave(Flushing). It's in the plaza near S&M Pharmacy (I love that name).

                    1. In addition to the great chicken pita, Pahal Zan in Forest Hills also has the best hummus.

                      1. I find Pahal Zan very average at best-(and the mention of their best hummos is funny to me, because I know for a fact they take it from the Sabra containers (as well as their salads)--(had a friend who knows the place well)-though it is needed on Austin Street area as there is no other option for middle eastern in the immediate blocks--which is strange given the large population of Israel's that live in Parker Towers alone......My choice is consistently Hapisgah on Union Tpke in Kew Garden Hills--Israeli Morrocan style cuisine--their falafel is bright green inside--very fresh--their hot sauce is nice and green and great--their hummos is excellent-and it's HOMEMADE!!! (they also serve one with mushrooms which is good).If you like the falafel at Chickpea near St. Mark's in city then you'd like Hapisgah's. They also have good greek eggplant salad, and Persian chicken, and they are know for their steaks-------a very popular place----stay away on Sundays, it is a madhouse...........If you just want takeout there, you walk to the back and there is a counter where you can see stuff, and this will get you in and out quick, if you don't have time to eat there..I eat their lunch special there, it's a good bargain, and the place is very mellow at that time. Keep in mind, if you have Israeli kosher falafel, it's made one way--the Egyptians make it another way, and so on and so forth-----also, if you have a fava bean allergy always ask because alot of the non kosher places use fava beans in their recipe...........

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                          Apologies for resurrecting an old thread, but this seems like the place for this post...

                          A coworker brought me to Pahal Zan yesterday, specifically for the hummos (she did mention that they do not make it in house, but likes it so much that she thinks it is the best in the area), but we also got some other things. The hummos was indeed good and creamy, but I really enjoyed the beet salad and eggplant salad more than anything else- I'd go back for those two items alone.

                          janie- out of curiosity, do you happen to know which, if any, salads they do make in house? Maybe I'll try them next.

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                            Just seeing this post now, as I had not gone into my other pages and missed alot of newer posts---My husband eats there fairly often for just falafel sandwich, and they put Israeli salad, in there, your basic cucumber-tomato, mix...nothing special. But, that hummos your coworker likes is Sabra, go the grocery store and buy it! They buy the sabra commercial salad stuff...try Carmel on 108th st as they sell alot of the Sabra salad stuff if that's what you want. Sorry, don't know anymore about the specific salads there, but just ask them, they should tell you. There's another Israeli place on Queens Blvd near to 66th rd that is pretty good, they make a very nice tabouli there.

                        2. That's funny, cause I've had both Sabra hummus and the humus from Pahal Zan, and they tast completely different. Sabra's hummus, while not bad compared to supermarket brands, has less taste and is almost chalky compared to Pahal Zan's which is smooth and creamy and very tasty. I've had other salads there as well and they taste and look nothing like Sabra's salads. All anyone has to do to know they're not the same is to taste them.

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                            my friend said they get them supplied from a commercial division of Sabra that supplies alot of restaurants.....they are a pretty reliable source....

                          2. On Friday, I went to El Shater in Sunnyside. The falafel was so good that after I finished, I went back another.

                            1. I recently tried Flame Grill on Union Turnpike and Grill Point on Main Street. Both were really good. My coworker tried the falafel at Flame Grill. The first thing he said was "Wow. This is delicious".