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Jul 19, 2006 11:53 PM

Where Can I Find Some Good Garlic Bread?

I was just thinking the other day how good garlic bread sounded. And then I was sad thinking that I hadn't had good garlic bread in a restaurant in a long time. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to go for garlic bread. A place that also has cheap entrees is good, in the South Bay even better.

Suggestions on where and what to buy some is also appreciated, whether from a local market or some packaged brand at Safeway.

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  1. There are so many good bread/bakeries in the bay area probably just best to pick up a bread you like from a bakery slather on garlic, butter, etc and pop it in the oven.

      1. Joe's of Westlake makes good garlic bread--be sure to ask for extra garlic. Same story for Pasta Pomodoro. For "packaged", Whole Foods does a good one.

        1. i have some friends who like the garlic bread from Costco and Buca Di Beppo's.