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Jul 19, 2006 11:25 PM

Boston Seafood

I'm headed to Boston next week and looking for a great seafood restaurant for lunch. Looking at going to Union Oyster House but saw terrible reviews. Can anyone confirm this and/or give a recommendation.

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  1. UNION Oyster House is fine if you want oysters on the half shell. The rest of the food is not great. Legal seafood is the best with many locations.Copley Place, cambridge ( Kendall square, the Waterfront near the Aquarium). Also if you are going ot Fanuiel Hall or Quincy Market go to Kingfish Hall.

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      Legal Seafoods is good. Legal Seafoods is not "the best."

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        If you are just getting oysters on the half shell, sit at the oyster bar as Daniel Webster did.

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          IMHO Kingfish Hall is completely overrated. You want great seafood head to Chinatown.

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            Except for plain grilled fish or raw bar items, Legal is terribly unappealing. I was just there for a work lunch (Kendall location) last friday and I was appalled to see that none of the dishes that came to our table (6 diners) had been wiped. The worst plating of food I've ever seen in my life.

            I ordered the grilled scallops that came with one side (I chose seaweed salad) and for $16.95 I'd rather go somewhere else.

            The service was lacking: hostess was curt when someone inquired about the wait for our reservation (which was meant to be guaranteed), food runners had no idea where they were going (though FWIW, our server was great.)

          2. B&G Oysters is a great seafood restaurant in the city. I believe they're open for lunch. (Another great seafood restaurant, currently being heatedly discussed in another thread, is East Coast Grill, but they're not open for lunch.)

            1. My choices:

              Neptune Oyster
              63 Salem Street, North End

              225 Northen Avenue Boston

              B & G Oysters Ltd.
              550 Tremont St
              South End

              1. I second (third?) the recommendation for B&G for lunch! I went last week and had excellent service in a half-full dining room. The food was some of the best seafood I've had. 2 of us split the fried clam appetizer, then split the lobster roll (which was perfect; I think it's worth the $$) and the monkfish. I particularly liked the fact that when we told them we were sharing they served us the split meals plated individually. Also had the coconut flan and the strawberry shortcake for dessert - excellent! I was impressed with the oyster menu but didn't have any - I want to go back soon. Lunchtime is the time to go to avoid the mob-scene. Also the fries with the lobster roll were some of the best frites I've ever had!

                1. I second Neptune. Beautiful oysters!