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Jul 19, 2006 11:06 PM

Deutschland Meats in Lindstrom, MN

On Monday, I stopped in at the Lindstrom Bakery in Lindstrom, MN (great gingersnaps!) and noticed a place called Deutschland Meats across the street. But I didn't have time to check it out - the family was in a hurry to get to Taylor's Falls.

Does anyone know if this Deutschland Meats is run by the same German guy who used to sell sausages at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market and in a small German gift shop at the Signal Hills shopping plaza in St. Paul? If so, I'll drive back out there - with a cooler - for his fabulous weisswurst and nurnberg sausages!


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  1. I just spoke with the owner of Deutchland Meats in Lindstrom. He does also sell his sausages at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market. He is from the Black Forest and he also has a place in Sanborn, MN.

    I am so excited to go up and get some of his weisswurst and bring it back to my mother. She is originally from Bavaria. He also has Black Forest Ham which I am excited to try. Thank you for posting your query and inspiring my search!

    1. Tiptina, thanks so much for this information! I'll definitely make time for a visit to Deutschland Meats the next time I'm in Lindstrom. I live in Minneapolis, so the Farmer's Market is much closer, but it's such a zoo that I dread going there. And besides, the area around Lindstrom is really pretty.