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Jul 19, 2006 10:06 PM

Be My Guest Thai Bistro delivery report

We finally tried Be My Guest Thai Bistro for the first time. We got delivery because our baby isn't an ideal restaurant patron yet. This place has nouveau Thai-style dishes and a few more traditional ones. We tried:

Crispy Duck (appetizer) - 4 crispy triangles stuffed with duck, shiitake mushrooms, and cellophane noodles, served with plum sauce. Overall we really like this. Lots of flavor (especially mushroom) and crunch.

Masmun Lamb Curry - Chunks of lamb and potatoes (hard to tell which is which until you cut into them) in the world's richest coconut-peanut curry. I swear more than 3 bites of this stuff will seize your arteries. It was quite good, but sooooo rich. We still have half of it left.

Sea Bass Edamame with Ginger Sauce - Sauteed fish in a very gingery sauce (overpowered the mild fish, but I didn't mind too much), strewn with edamame, and served with green beans (slightly undercooked) and what I think was water spinach. The fish was nicely cooked and the flavors were pleasant. The dish was fairly light, which was good since the curry was so heavy. Overall we liked it OK.

Broccoli with Black Bean Sauce - From the "Add More Greens" section of the menu; I love that they have this because I always want more veggies. Unfortunately, the broccoli was a bit overcooked. However, the portion was generous and the sauce was tasty, although it almost had too many whole black beans (but it was easy to push those aside).

Coconut Rice and Brown Rice - We got 1 side of each, not knowing how large they'd be (plus they're $2 each). It was not enough for all that lamb curry, but maybe nothing is enough for that. The coconut rice was tasty. The brown rice was mushy. They don't appear to offer just plain rice; I actually asked for "regular rice" and they took that to mean coconut.

We would probably order from here again, but won't rush to do it. It was OK, not great, and not as cheap as regular Thai places. But they have a lot of intriguing dishes on the menu, and it's always nice to find another place that delivers.

Be My Guest Thai Bistro
951 Clement St. @ 11th Ave

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  1. i found it less than stellar and definately would not recommend anyone to go there. it was quite a while ago that i went, on the recommendation of a friend of a friend.

    i do remember getting this mussels in coconut dish? and recieving like 8 mussels for 12 dollars... and it wouldn't have been THAT bad, but the mussels didn't taste uber-fresh or good. and the sauce they were sitting in was this bland spiceless soupy thing. its a THAI rest. and there was zero flavor. you could have poured tabasco on the mussels for a better effect.

    also had something akin to a curry sampler they had. it was three cups of varying curries that they had. normally i'm not into samplers and the such, but none of us at the table had ever gone so we just said the heck with it.... yup, 3 out of 3 did NOT taste good. overly salted, not 'curry' enough, and basically mostly 'sauce' with a giant potatoe inside to take up space. (although it was supposed to be chicken, beef, and shrimp?)

    do not go to this place.

    1. We ordered from there a couple times, and one dish was really good - the Bloody Curry (duck in red coconut curry).