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Summerlicious Reviews

My husband and I have eaten at 3 restaurants for far....Bloom in Bloor West Village....excellent, Boho in Roncesvalles...excellent again...and last night.. Thuet...food was ok I guess...the service absolutely stunk...wouldn't return to taste the usual menu!!!

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  1. We at at Brant House (actually quite enjoyable for a $25 meal, had the gazpacho and flat iron steak) and at North 44 (had the smoked salmon with potato pancakes and then the beef tenderloin) which was A++ on the food, D- on the service. You really do get rushed through when you're on Summerlicious, we even got different bread than those ordering from the regular menu (just plain baguette, others had really nice flat breads etc.)!

    1. I tried Bloom as well - The food was very good, but didn't surpass any expectations or wow me(I'm a student, so going to the $35 Summerlicious places is a big event!). We got to try all three desserts, thanks to a lovely couple at the table beside us - the mango semifredo wasn't very good, but the chocolate tart and lemongrass creme brulee were excellent - best part of the meal!

      1. that's too bad, I have reservations for Thuet on Fri. Hope it's better than your experience...
        This past week I've been to Bymark (top marks as always) Nectar, tiny tiny portions, and no a la carte during summerlicious to supplement the bite size meal. Was at Oliver and Bonacini for lunch on Sunday, great value for $15, though food never seems to be up to my expectations. Had Tundra for lunch today, and it was pretty good, no complaints, but no rave reviews either.

        I've had 25 plus winterlicious/summerlicious meals, and here's my two cents worth:

        Bymark-been 4 times and always GREAT value, delicious food and good service. Their upgrades are excellent as well, for $10-15 more, they offered fois gras, whole trout, lobster poutine. A bit crowded and you really have to be persistent to get a reservation.

        Anonna- They went out of their way to provide great food with all the extras. Outstanding service.

        Wildfire Grill- Yummy, no-nonsense food, large portions (they served a half chicken as an entree).
        Far Niente-lovely seared scallops, very fresh tasting yummy food, but because the noon seating lingered, our 1:30 reservation turned out to be 1:50.

        Southern Accent- I eat here regularly, so summerlicious is a no-brainer. Although they have regular specials that they don't offer during -licous events, so its just as fine to skip it and go during regular service instead.

        Jump:Although I can't remember the details (does this make it unmemorable?) I remember being pleased with the food...sorry, that's a bit lame, but they all start to blur after a while...

        Fillet of Sole, Acqua, City Grill, tutti matti (Tilapia tasted fishy, everything else was decent)

        Rosewater Supper Club-tiny portions, lukewarm, unmemorable, pre-prepared food, stale dessert and very indifferent service.

        Nectar- Decent flavours, tiny portions.

        Urban Bistro-fishy tasting sole, everything tasted slightly off except the dessert.

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          I concur on Urban. Perhaps one of the worst places I've eaten. I make it a habit to avoid that entire strip of restaurants between John & Peter on King.

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            Adding to the BAD list is MATIGNON!!! Avoid there at all costs. Service is BAD, food is BAD, and the whole ambience/decor/building is just BAAAAAAAAD.

          2. Have not been to North 44 for years and would like to return anyone else have opinions?

            Anyone been to Xacutti for Summerlicious?

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              Three of us went to North 44 on Tuesday night and we all thought it was excellent. My smoked salmom starter with creme fraiche and small potato pancakes was very tasty, though, at only three slices of salmon, I could have eaten more without getting over full. I thought the rare fillet of beef was excellent and the clafouti really tasted of fresh berrries. Service was very professional - water glasses were quietly filled whenever necessary. Our waitperson was knowlegable about wines and, although the restaurant as completely full, had time to chat with us. She told us that this was their fifth summerlicious and that they now thought they knew how to handle things. We had an 8.45 sitting - in other words the last - so this may have made the whole staff a little more relaxed. We all thought we would like to go back again - even at their customary prices.

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                Thanks for the insight - will definitely try to make at least North 44 before Summerlciious ends. I don't know why having the water glass filled is such a good barometer of restaurant service but it is...

            2. Went to the Drake on Monday night. My b/f had the Summerlicious deal, Chilled Tomato Soup (Gazpacho), the Grilled Hangar steak, and the Summer Berry Pudding. I ordered from the regular menu, a roasted beet salad and the fish tacos.
              The Summerlicious menu items were good - the soup could have used a bit more ripe tomatoes, but it is only July. The steak was served medium rare and was quite tasty, the accompanying smashed potatoes rich and buttery.
              I wasn't keen on the berry pudding. The texture was odd, almost like a stiff bread pudding, and it seemed out of the freezer. The custard sauce was runny. I would have chosen the Brown Sugar upside down cake, but it wasn't my choice.
              The Roasted Beet Salad was excellent, although it could have used a little more balsamic, IMO. The fish tacos were also excellent, although I was surprised they used grilled salmon instead of some kind of firm whitefish. I'm not sure I like the taste of the corn tortillas in the mix. I understand their authenticity, but the flavour is too strong with fish, I think.

              1. I also went to Thuet for Summerlicious. The food was so-so - I had the navarin of lamb with gnocchi. The gnocchi was good, the lamb salty. They did have reasonably priced wines to go with the summerlicious menu, which i thought was a good touch. Generally, however, I was underwhelmed. Maybe my expectations were too high.

                I was glad to hear that Boho was excellent - I have been there on non-summerlicious nights and been unimpressed, to say the least.

                1. A friend and I had dinner at Goldfish (Bloor and Spadina area) on Tuesday evening.

                  We both started with the mixed green salad...pretty tasty with a creamy sauce and shaved parmesean cheese but it had beets in it and since neither of us were fans, we ate around them. Not a huge deal.

                  Then came the mains...I had the salmon with rice and veggies and she had the steak frites. Okay, her fries were so salty, we could see the salt glistening in the lights of the restaurant. The steak was also very, very salty. My salmon was good but the rice and veggies were also saturated in the same salty brine as her steak and fries. We had many, many glasses of water.

                  For dessert, we both had the cheesecake...mine was the walnut flavour and her's was the almond flavour. We were just very, very thankful that the cheesecake wasn't salty!!!

                  We won't be back and I would certainly not be able to recommend Goldfish to anyone else...unless you are looking at a serious boost in your salt levels!

                  Service was good and ambiance was hip and non-threatening. Too bad about the salty, salty food!

                  1. I had a wonderful dining experience at Lolita's Lust on the Danforth last Friday.

                    First off, we ended up have to add 2 more people to our table -- not a problem.

                    The portions were acceptable and the meal was wonderfully cooked. And what seems to be a trend with desserts at almost all places, the cake did seem to be cut out of a Sara Lee box (I personally liked it and had no problem but others did). Mind you, their chocolate mousse was good too.

                    And lastly, our waiter was just amazing. He was flirtatious with the ladies and cool with the men (that’s a good way to ensure you’ll be tipped well at the end ;). He constantly re-filled our water glasses and bread basket (well it was a plate) without us asking despite the fact that his section was packed.

                    The only thing I could complain about was the fact that we were seated in the back, whereas I would have prefered a patio table

                    This was one of the best “licious” experience I had in a while.