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Jul 19, 2006 09:48 PM

David Rocco's Dolce Vita

This show made me and my boyfriend want to visit Florence last year. We planned most of our trip around David's escapades and loved coming home to watch the second season and recognize places we'd visited. Then... no David. No news on the show's website. Does anyone know if it will be coming back to foodtv in Canada?

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  1. sorry Nan-I'm in the US and get all his reruns but I think the show stopped tapping around '08 or '09 but I get then as far back as '04.
    I'm in here looking for his recipe from a lady neighbor of his which includes white wine in the pizza dough and can't find it. made it for dinner the night I watched the show and it was best pizza dough.
    I'll have to look further.
    wish I could help with your request-have you posted on the Canada threads?
    I do realize your thread is from '06 and you may not even frequent CH any longer ;:-/

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        I've made David's pizza dough recipe with red wine and champagne as well and they all work well.

        I wish the Cooking Channel would air new shows. When David was on his cookbook tour I missed his local visit by a day. There isn't anything about Mr. Rocco I don't enjoy :)


      good find ennu: I found it here after passing through several pages of about 10 recipes per page.
      my fingers became nimble. thanks for hunting it down for me:


      as always HillJ, you always add so much to my cooking experiences! I can see where red or champagne could/would work. I made it exactly once I think (only) and it was duh bom :)
      loved the slight tart tanginess that the smallish amount of wine provided. although I don't drink we have probably 50 bottles either in the cold storage or cooler wine frig but I did break into one white one for the recipe then used the rest for Bolognese.

      1. I'm watching this right now while the laundry is drying and I'm folding other clothing pieces, etc.
        I was flipping channels and found this:

        "A very Rocco Christmas" wondering if anyone else saw it. not my type of food but still enjoyed watching him whip the food stuffs up. the tag description for the show was as follows:

        David and nNna celebrate Christmas witih family and friends at their Tuscan farmhouse and prepare meals that include stuffed and fried squid and spaghetti braised

        learn a few new things watching and the backgrounds being very holiday-ish were a nice touch.