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Jul 19, 2006 09:47 PM

Wine tours - Santa Barbara county

Some friends and I are heading to Santa Barbara in a couple of weeks for a vacation, and we'd love to spend a day visiting wineries in the area. One thing we're worried about is driving after doing lots of tasting - does anyone have a recommendation for a guided tour that provides transportation? We are not exactly wine aficionados, but we also would like to avoid tours where you're herded about like cattle.
There are three of us, we'll be staying in Santa Barbara, and we'd like to keep costs down as much as possible (we've seen tours for about $100 per person and we could swing that). Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. I would suggest that you contact the Santa Barbara Vintners Association and inquire about there recommendations for their area.See their web site at :

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        Jeeps go over some pretty winding and bumpy roads on the way back home - maybe best not to imbibe too much with this tour. Maybe it is best to choose (rent a student?) a designated driver and do you own wine tour and save the money to buy wine? Hope you get out to Rancho Sisquoc for a picnic.

        Closeby Alan Hancock College in Santa Maria has a viticulture program as well as student vineyands. Try contacting them and see if you can arrange a student guided tour of this area. Just a thought. Or rent one as driver for the day? I think that would make it an excellent educational adventure as well.

        You might want to ask