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Jul 19, 2006 09:28 PM

Viridian Brunch

Have a friend coming into town next Sunday and want to take them to a nice brunch. I've LOVED Viridian for dinner, but never been for brunch. Is it any good? And does it tend to be crowded during brunch - will I need reservations far ahead? Thanks in advance.

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    1. I went to brunch at Viridian about a month ago. As far as the food goes, my meal was very tasty. I had the leek/mushroom/goat cheese quiche, which was delicious, and shared the fresh baked muffins with my friend (the pistachio muffin was to DIE for...though it will probably kill you six different ways...very rich, but scrumptious). I was disappointed with the service, though. I must have asked 4 times for my coffee, and the muffins were supposed to be an "appetizer," but came out after the rest of our meal. The menu is also somewhat limited. But, given that the food was good and the atmosphere was enjoyable, I'd probably go back.

      1. I had brunch at Viridian in February and didn't feel the need to return. I remember the lamb sausage and roasted potatoes being really good and everything else being pretty average. The coffee service is annoying. They served their coffee in individual chrome french presses so that you had to wait 5-10 minutes while it brews on the table. I'm not sure what happens if you want a second cup. We didn't bother. Also, my bloody mary was weak.

        1. I also felt no need to return after my brunch experience. Service was extremely slow, and the food was really overpriced and nothing special. We were also seated so close to other tables that our meal was ruined having to listen to our very annoying neighbors.