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Jul 19, 2006 09:20 PM

Decaf Coffee

For reasons too complicated to explain, I've gone from being a contant coffee drinker to an occasional decaf drinker..

I'm looking for recommendations for a good brand of decaf coffee that I can brew at home. I'd prefer a brand available in Los Angeles (where I live) as opposed to one I can only get online.

If it matters, I like all varieties of coffee and am interested in any and all recommendations, but my preference would be somewhere between super dark/strong and medium. If it was steak, I'd prefer something in between medium and well done -- medium well. Err on the side of dark, I lighten my coffee with a little soy milk anyway.


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  1. Try Trader Joe's 'Decaf' Bay Blend in the blue can w/ the Orange lid. It is in whole bean form....a wonderful dark, full bodied coffee.

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    1. I like La Semeuse - generally available in "gourmet" stores in NY.

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        I'll have to look for it here in Cali ...

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          It comes in a yellow bag - both beans and already ground - it's also my favorite non-decaf.

      2. I'm partial to Illy decaf (I also take mine with soymilk!). You can find Illy in almost any italian grocery.

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        1. Dunkin Donuts, either ground or whole bean makes a very good cuppa decaf. Works for regular too.