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Jul 19, 2006 09:18 PM

best ice cream?

i recently had the most wonderful, classic chocolate ice cream - but it was in savannah, georgia!

the best ice creams i can think of in the city are gelati, like il laboratorio and ciao bella. i also like brooklyn ice cream factory, but it doesn't compare to the stuff i had recently in savannah. so what is the best old fashioned, hard ice cream around?

look forward to hearing!

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  1. I'm still looking myself. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, Mary's Dairy, and Emack & Bolio are all good, but I haven't found anything great.

    1. Eddie's Sweet Shop (marshmellow sundae w/ pineapple pistaccio icecream and a vanilla egg cream- outta this world delicious!)
      Forest Hills, Queens, NY

      1. Try Cones, an Argentinian ice cream place: 272 Bleecker St (between Morton Street and Jones Street). Although I think they really excel at sorbets (the pear is delicious), their ice cream is also very good.

        1. Cones isn't hard icecream, but it is some of the best gelato you can have in the city. They also make it fresh daily!

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              Cones is super yummy! The Dulce de Leche is fantastic, especially paired with dark chocolate. In the summer there is no place better for sorbet. Try the passion fruit and Andean Blackberry.

              1. re: NYCviaPDX

                yes!!!!!! that is the best!! the dulce and the dark chocolate. normally, i don't even like dulce de leche, but tried it b/c it looked so good. it was amazing!
                the rasberry sorbet is excellent too, very refreshing on a hot summer day. don't bother w/the sorbet or gelato from those places on the street (rocco's, bruno's?)- you'll be disappointed.
                i just wish cones was cheaper.
                and Il Laboratorio de Gelato black mission fig is the best gelato ever.
                chinatown ic factory and sundaes and cones (these places taste very similary, maybe the same owners) have a lot of interesting flavors, but their ice cream is too sweet and gooey for me.

          1. chinatown ice cream factory on bayard (one south of canal) near mott/mulberry. they are the best. i love the almond cookie flavor. they have tons of other "regular" flavors such as lychee, red bean, taro, pumpkin, mango etc. and "exotic" flavors such as mocha chip, mint chip, peanut butter, ect. (their designations not mine) be warned though - take out only.

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            1. re: breadnchocolate

              I second chinatown ice cream factory. You MUST try the "Zen Butter" - amazing.

              1. re: lbw

                Chinatown Ice Cream Factory-Lychee is my favorite!!

                1. re: bobodl

                  i wish i could understand why people like chinatown ice cream factory. i tried their red bean ice cream (one of my fav flavors anywhere) and it was absolutely disgusting. really grainy and icy. it was quite possibly my worst ice cream experience ever.

                  my vote is for brooklyn ice cream, which is absolutely the BEST ice cream ive ever had in my life.

                  1. re: saritaeatsnyc

                    I'm not a big fan of C-town ice cream factory's traditional Asian flavors. I agree that the red bean is grainy and icy. But their pumpkin pie rocks!