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Jul 19, 2006 09:14 PM

Non-dairy milks ... do you have a preference?

Is it ALMOND MILK, PEANUT MILK, RICE MILK, SOY MILK or maybe OAT MILK or something else?

I've tried all of the above and have not taken a liking to any of them. Curious what the chowhounds out there like ...


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  1. Soy milks vary a lot, and therefore reactions to them all the more. How many different kinds have you tried? My soy-drinking friends have very strong preferences: Silk tends to lead the preference pack (with a difference of opinion about flavored or plain) and then Soy Dream (plain). I don't care for soy milk, so I offer my personal preference; I just know what I buy on very specific direction for guests!

    1. Among non-dairy milks, I like plain and vanilla soymilk - with cereal. It's difficult (I don't know why) to drink soymilk like I did with milk as a kid. It might be because soy has a thicker texture (there's always some 'good' fat), and the nonfat kind is too watery.

      1. I like Silk vanilla or plain soymilk on my cereal, but it's expensive and hard to find the non-sweetened variety, so I usually just get Westbrae unsweetened vanilla at Trader Joe's.

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          I don't know where you are located; but I am able to find the plain soymilk and unsweetened soymilk at Whole Foods and Safeway (Berkeley - Oakland). Silk is offered in both the refrigerated section and the non refrigerated area (wax boxes). I pay $1.99 for a quart at Whole Foods.

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            I like Silk soymilk, too. You used to be able to get it at Costco in a 3 pack. But, I think the new Kirkland brand is Silk.

          2. I have been drinking Blue Diamond Almond unsweetened plain or chocolate almond milk. I like it in cereal and coffee. It's not super creamy, and doesn't really taste anything like milk, but it has a nice not too overpowering flavor, and is very low in calories and it makes my coffee creamy enough to feel like I'm having it with milk. But then again when I was drinking dairy I was drinking nonfat milk which is pretty watery itself. If you're looking for something that has more of the creamy consistency of milk, I'd try Silk Soy milk. It's pretty good.

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              I just tried the Blue Diamond Almond vanilla milk this weekend (after a gastro that kept me away from dairy), and I really liked it. Much better than soy, in my opinion. This is so great, as I now have an additional source of calcium (I was not crazy about any milk before - dairy or otherwise)

            2. I like Vitasoy soymilk (particularly vanilla) for drinking plain. I feel really indulgent drinking really cold soy milk through a straw. I have never tried Silk soy milk. I found a soy milk I like and stopped there.

              I'm not at all a fan of soy milk on cereal. It's too thick, perhaps. Or too gritty, maybe, so I prefer Rice Dream's vanilla rice milk-though it is very, very sweet- on cereal.

              Oat milk. How is that?

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                Oat milk is very similar to soy, but lighter in texture with a milder taste.

                From what I understand, people (besides consuming it) use oat milk as a moisturizer and bathing product ...