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Jul 19, 2006 08:58 PM

BLD for lunch review

We tried out the new BLD for lunch today -- this is the more casual cafe from the owners of Grace in the old Opaline/Red space. Menu was a little less imaginative than I had hoped, but as you might expect from Grace, ingredients and preparation were first-rate all the way. My main quibble was the prices -- I guess this isn't the 90s anymore! Several of the sandwiches are over $15, such as the Wagyu burger, the shortrib sandwich and pork sandwich.
I had the hempseed-crusted tofu salad with Asian greens and grilled shisito peppers ($12) -- it was light and flavorful with a soy dressing and the hempseeds were nice and crunchy on the outside of the tofu. My friend had the turkey burger with gruyere, it looked big and tasty ($12). I would like to see a few more interesting salads for the summer as I wasn't in the mood for bean and bacon soup and such. The dinner menu is the same as lunch with the addition of grilled half chicken, hangar steak or grilled salmon with two sides each. Room has been nicely updated once again, with an airy, open layout and the old bar area serving as an entry now.

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  1. Thanks for the write-up.

    I understand BLD has braised short ribs for breakfast?? True?

    1. Hmm...could be, I didn't get a menu. I remember an eggs benedict and hangar steak combo (that oughta hold you for most of the day) but I only recall seeing the short ribs as a sandwich.

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        I had it - the eggs benedict w/ hangar steak and cabernet bernaise...YUM! My friend and I split that and the blueberry ricotta pancakes...DOUBLE YUM! light and fluffy and the berries extremely fresh, plump, delish.

      2. Do you know if they are open for brunch on weekends?


        Tuna Toast:

        1. Well, breakfast, lunch and dinner...they must be. Here's their number:

          1. Yes, brunch on the weekends. We had a $50 weekday lunch there for 2 - better off heading across the street to Eat Well. Food was fine - not $50 fine though!!